Blessed To Have Discovered Chanting

I have just been learning about Buddism and Hinduism over the past 2 years. It all started when I had become depressed and felt my life was nowhere due to bad choices I had made. I was arrested for posssession of controled subtance and nearly landed in prison for 27 years. I was addicted to Opiates for over ten years. I was so close to death when I was arrested.
I watched many of Dattatrea Siva Babba's videos on youtube and began using Thiruneelakantam and limes while focusing on the throat charaka 108 times every morining and evening and noticed a really remarkable change right away. This inspired me to learn many more Mantras, Gayatri, Om Mani Padme Hum, Shreem Hreem Kleem to name a few. Then a few weeks ago I discovered Nam myoho renge kyo. Seems so crazy that I never knew about all of this before now. The Mantras I have used before, ( it is my understanding) are ok to do in your head or out loud and somewhere I read that to do them internally is in some ways better. I have been chanting now while I walk in the morning a mile or so and I can tell there are changes taking place but I am wondering if it matters if you do it quietly. I seem to be more comfortable with the breathing if it is just above a wisper.
Anyway I have great hope in this changing my life, I already feel so much better and have found myself taking better care of myself, my house, just everything . I have been in such a rut since getting off all the dope I had been on. In the beginning I told myself that all I had to do.... my full time occupation... was to stay off drugs. With the help of all the Buddist teachings I have succeded. The depression would have taken my life, Im so sure, If I had not run on to these Mantras and Chanting. I sometimes think where I might be now if I had run on to this a long time ago, when I was young. But I also have to figure the saying "When the student is ready the teacher will come" Just as I try to tell others about it and they just think I'm a kook, I might have thought that way if someone tried telling me.
Now that I see improvement I am again becoming interested in life. Of course I wish it all to happen faster, but before, I was at a Dead Standstill, just wishing the  whole thing would get overwith.
It is a Mystery how things come into our lives. So Thankful and hopeful!
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Hi there, your story inspired me more to practice nichiren buddhism. The lotus sutra (nam myoho renge kyo) have changed my life as well. Just to share with you,i am a transvestite,and unfortunately i am living in a place where discrimination towards the people who are just like me(those who belong to the minority gender; lesbian,gay,bisexual,transgender) are very rampant. So i became so hopeless before and i was filled with great anger towards the world,i became so hateful. But it seems like the Universe made it's way to change my life,when i discovered nam myoho renge kyo,i became interested on the path,i read articles about it and i listened to the daimoku chanting in you tube,sometimes i even chant along with the video.. And most of the article that i've read about it is that nam myoho renge kyo can change my life,it can transform our lives for the better,so that's what i did. And it is SOOO amazing because everything changed for me,and the good thing there is,it didn't just change a part of my life but as a whole,i mean it feels like every aspect of my life has been blessed and also i transformed me to be become a better person. Anyway i'm really glad that you have found the Lotus Sutra,just continue to practice it and chant the daimoku 2x a day and also try chanting the gongyo 2x a day as well. :)

Dear fogmussher,

It is gr8 to hear such positive feedback and experience. I have just started chanting this mantra and very slowly and negligably have started realizing the change. Ur story motivates me. Thank u. Archie. India

I remember you. You had a b/f in jail and were going to meet him. What happened?

It's Cosmic!!!!!!!

My dear, I just sent you a long message. It's wonderful you have discovered Buddhism. Hang on to that!<br />
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Namaste.<br />
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