Relationships: Is It Alright To Retaliate?

So here's the story. I was dating this girl for about 2 years. What happened through the course of it, i realised the constant negativity she emanated was getting too stressful for me. The constant "need" to be in touch, be on the phone for hours together, talking about nothing other than "mushy-i love you crap" Not that Im not against any of it, but in due moderation suits me better perhaps?:p Over the course of two years, you obviously share and exchange secrets that you would never tell anybody else, and in my opinion.. i think its lowly up to go around sharing it with other people, just because the relationship didnt pan out. I'd broken up with her, and she didnt take to it very well. Its been over a year since we broke up, and i still hear stories from mutual people we know, that she was saying this or that about you. As a guy, i always thought its better to be the 'better man' that another person talking bad of you shows a reflection of them, and that sooner or later people are going to realise that. Problem is, its all saintly sounding in theory, but it doesnt work jack **** in real life. Lol to the point that some of my original friends are moving away from me because of her. While i always clarify the wrong things shes said about me, i never ***** behind her back. She was medically bi-polar, and had to take medication after relationships to deal with it. Its sad really. But this constant back-bitting's really getting to me. She's spreading word that i only used her for sex, that my parents we not in a financially in a good spot and would have a laugh about it.  Like i said its all saintly sounding in theory, but just because i stay quiet doesnt mean i have nothing to say against her. I just let by-gones be just that. But just to set her right, should i let the truth about her out? That what a damn retard she actually is?
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2 Responses Dec 1, 2011

do not do anything except CHANT... she is out of your life and only exists in your memory... let her say all that she wants and allow her to be and to whom ever she says what she says, its not important -- the people that truly understand and love you will not hear her...if they do then ask your self who those people are and look at your relationship with them...LOVE thy self and the CHANT!!! :)

She has come into your life for a reason. she is giving you an opportunity to grow.She is giving you a gift my friend.A gift for you to recognize and see who you are! BE HONEST with yourself and see what part in her do you see in yourself. She is mirroring back to you certain aspect of yourself that you needed to see. Your position could be one of detachment, and trust that however things unfolded between you guys, was for your highest good! Continue on creating good causes for yourself,and have compassion for her. Remember that retaliation does not create a good cause. PEACE