How I Met Nam-myoho-renge-kyo:



Back a few nights ago I asked the god in me to tell me my spiritual path definitivo.I didnt want to jump from one thing to another anymore, nothing made sense, not really hooked me .last night on my bed watching television I ran with a movie that had already seen many years ago.. the story of Tina Turner, something told me I should stay and not doing more and more zapping (it was my third round of it) and so I did.When I reached to the part of Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, I was amazed.

What I asked for ... there  it was right before my eyes.

I started my chanting today and feells really good


I am very grateful to the Universe

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3 Responses Dec 31, 2011

yeah, i know that movie.. yeah, it works.. <br />
<br />
gosh, i am tring to get clear here, also........chanted & asked the universe for my niche as "career" and that is panning out.....<br />
<br />
having a tuff time a bit with alc recovery thing .. moody..... will chant for clarity in the path.. xoxoo.. <br />
thanks for sharing.. yeah, i am ready to feel grounded and on course.. <br />
<br />
sometimes, Maybe, there is nothing to do -as things are working out in the master plan .. without my want/need to control stuff... xoxo<br />
eg. like accidently finding this site this morning and people i can relate too.. thank you!

I can say that chanting has been very good for me, although I do not do it regularly, but when I do I have to say good things happen. Lately, I have been having problems sleeping, and I lay there trying to fall as sleep so I began to chant. I know as a stress reliever it's awesome, and well I don't know why really I began to do this. I found that not only it is the only way I get to sleep, but I have to say, the way things have turned around in my life have been amazing. I truly belief in the power of it, and I truly miss not being able to have the center near by to go. I love what I belief in.... Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo..Thank you!

Sorry about mi english ist no very good ....