Very Challenged Life

I first started chanting nam myo renge kyo when I was 18 . I was very active in the youth group but didn´t do Gongyo or chant regularly. I ended up seeing a psychiatrist when I was 19 and by the time I was 21 . I was in a psychiatric hospital . I now know at the time I was being challenged by the Gohonzon to test my faith but when I was younger I thought the psychiatrists were trying to say that I needed to leave the Gohanzan. I ended up leaving nam myoho renge kyo until I found myself a middle aged women with nothing leaving on the street and eating from garbage cans and begging for money. When I saw myself in this condition I began to restart chanting . What happened was I ended up again in a psychiatric hospital but this time I didn´t stop chanting . Even when they were giving me those horrible psychiatric drugs which destroy the ability to conentrate I forced myself to chant I now am in a residence house which is for people with psychiatric problems but I have a Gohanzan on the wall in my room. I have shakabukued the social workers and professionals who work here and they are beginning to come with me to the temple and like my chanting. I now chant regularly and when I have a problem I make nam myoho renge kyo come first.
Edithunger Edithunger
Oct 15, 2012