The Face Of Domestic Violence

What you are about to see is the most powerful psa that has ever been filmed.

 " Mercy Street " shows the face of a silent witness trying desperately to cover the bruises over and over only to have them replaced with even more brutal signs of beatings.  The advertisement itself was so graphic and so shocking that it was only aired very briefly before being pulled and eventually remade. The way the shot is filmed is as though the victim is staring into a mirror and her eyes are staring directly at you which places you as her reflection.  This puts you in her place and brings the message home.  The last few seconds will send shivers up your spine as you automatically know what is coming. 
Even I had flinched when I first saw this...  


Now that I have your attention let me say something.  I would never ask anyone to do anything that I would not do myself. I have called this hotline - not just once, but a number of times.  While it might sound a little odd for a man to contact these people, I had to do this.  I had to. Domestic violence does not just affect the immediate victim, but everyone involved.  What you see on that ad is the real face of domestic violence. 
What you do not see I cannot even begin to describe. 

The hotline is run by women. These women have been through hell and back.  They are not there to judge you.  They are there to listen and just to talk.  If you do not feel like talking, they will listen.  They will not report what is disclosed.  They will not call back.  They will not contact authorities.  They are there for you. They will provide support, intervention, and planning to help you get out of that situation.

 24/7 They will be there.

A silent witness is the victim that never speaks out, that never says a word.
The silent witness will more than likely wind up in a box six feet under.  

For the love of God I would beg you, please - please do not be a silent witness.

 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
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Were you abused by a romantic partner? Did you abuse a romantic partner? In many cases, I believe the parents help pick up the pieces in the aftermath.

I am conducting research to explore the help provided by parents when faced with their adult child's experience with domestic violence.

If you are interested, please encourage your parents to take a 20 minute survey at

I lived in an abusive marriage until I was able to get out. Sadly, it was me who had to make the decision. My parents helped in the aftermath. I kept the abuse silent until I had the courage to leave. In many cases, I believe the parents help pick up the pieces. I am conducting research to help parents in the future because there is no support currently in place. If you are interested, please go take a 20 minute survey at

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If you know others who are helping their kids escape domestic violence, please encourage them to also complete this survey. The sooner we can get this documented, the sooner we can get support for the parents who witness their adult child's involvement with domestic violence.

Shivers down my spine... indeed, those last few seconds are pure terror. It happens too much and it breaks my heart.
I know how it feels (not a spouse, but my brother), not to this extent, but I do know and I don't wish it upon anyone. Not only the marks on her face show the violence, also the fear in her eyes, that kind of damage heals a lot slower than any bruise.

Thank you for sharing. I hope many can have the chance to view this and be enlightened.