I am a hippie at heart and I just don't like mainstream camp. I guess I don't like falling in line and try to draw my own path. Maybe it's because I'm rebellious. My belief of difference and a sort of separation from the world we live in. My controversial ideas especially. I'm not religious, but I'm pro-life because I hate everything humans do. I hate their manufactured drugs and the idea of killing unborn babies is sick. I've never been raped but my outside perspective is that life instills happiness in us. Life is to love. Love life. Could be symbolism. I don't like pop and country that much. I love subversive artists like Eminem who isn't afraid to speak his mind in all of his songs. The enriched history and originality of rap and rock got me like whoa! I love when rock bands can say whatever the duck they want to society. So naturally against it. XD I want to create my own experiences and not take from anyone else's. I want to hitchhike and backpack and travel and experience culture, people, and language first hand. I don't wanna listen to **** people say, because one, everyone's experience is different. Not one personality alike unless we're talking soul mate and twin flames ;). I want to climb trees and swim with sharks and learn to survive in the wild. I want that life. This is my song. I want to swim at a nude beach. That sounds gnarly. I love weed. The best.
mellojelo mellojelo
18-21, F
Aug 29, 2014