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First ************

I was 11 in my living sitting on couch. My hands were in my pocket, my mom was sitting in the chair across from me. Watching TV I started pushing my **** back and forth on the sides of it. Felt so good. I continued and all of a sudden wow I came. Scared the **** out me, but felt so damn good!!!!
paul7157 paul7157 51-55, M 20 Responses Aug 31, 2012

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I wonder what Mom would have thought?

Yes, I can relate. Been a long time but I can remember how my **** felt the first time I played with it and had it played with.

my first tim was about 11 or 12 but I do remember it well
there was a small gang of us boys and girls we had a den in the corn field near our home
we where all about the same age went to the same schl lived in the same street
we used to play doctors and nurses and patiants
it was my turn to lay on the floor and had my shorts and briefs removed and the girls would examing us as nurses along with the the boys as doctors
it was on sutch one accasion as one girl had hold of my nuts in her hand examing them and a nother girl was knelt beside me with my stiff 4 inch manhood in her clenched fist rubbing up and down it felt so good I could not help exploding seman
all over this girls hand and dress after that it was every day bashing the old bishop in my right hand but was even better when the girls came to play

Was it a dry ******?
How did your mother not notice your squirming all about?

Hands were in my pockets , fingers touching both sides. Very wet

She might have , after I came I went to bathroom to see what it was .

do you still enjoy it ?


... I couldn't'[t of been more than 5, I recall this 'good' feeling when I was rubbing up against a tree, I kept rubbing until I came.. I figured out immediately how to do it with my hand .. like the guy below said.. I jacked off so much those next few days, my **** was raw, but it felt so damn good..
My 'big' surprise 'came' (pardon the pun) several years later, when I was doing it in my bedroom, & this white stuff came out & splattered all over the dresser & mirror I was pointed towards.. I had no idea until then that something was supposed to '***' out when I jacked off... duuu.. I guess I'd probably been doing it (regularly) for 4 or 5 years before I actually came.. did anyone else have this same experience?

at the age of five what a load of bollacks not ***

Yes, brings back great memories.

I love playing with my ****! I agree with countrey, it's a daily thing. Love jacking off to wife pics and knowing guys are jacking off to my wife too!

I cnat remember how old I was the first time I beat off or the first time I came, I had to do it everyday. I'm now 57 and still stroke my **** just about every day, point is, I still can't get over the good feeling's one get's from ************. Happy *******!!

First time ******* wearing mum's panty girdle well-it got hard started rubbing it. Voila it felt so good

My first ************ was when my little sis n I were playing doctors and nurse - I think I was nearly 11 n she was 9.She used her toy stethoscope under my pants and as her fingers touched near my penis I felt nice --- I played with it when she moved to my bum and squirted on her skirt-- just a little as was only my first ---but we enjoyed playin like that much more afterwards!!!

Sweet, still Playing doctor ?

I had to be about 12 and would sometimes sleep in the bed with my much older brother in law. He was extremely sexual- in general and was very free with his body, showing it off. He slept nude. One day I reached under the cover and played with his fat ****. I was so excited that my eyes rolled in the back of my head, I tensed up and blew a thick load right in my shorts. Totally destroyed my undies!

Wow, you had an explosion monumental *** mmmmmm

Yeah & I've been a pretty heavy ****** ever since

It is nice to remember the "first" time!!!

i was 12 1/2 my aunt was laying on the living room floor on her back with her knees up taking a nap i could see the out line of her ***** through her white cut off sweat pants. i was laying in my cousins bed with a direct veiw of her crotch. i was hard *** hell i started rubbing myself through my cut offs ,,i pulled it out and stroked it for a short time before i blew my first load..after that first time i couldnt get enough and sometimes rubbed the skin off i done it so much

Done that before too, ouch !!!

Oh what a funny feeling and thats why I still do it

Me too

I remember my knees buckled and my eyes went black and I lost my balance and feel on the bathroom floor

Nice little story. Do you remember if you thought on something?

Yes was Thinkiing of a girl classmate

There was this argument at school one day, this one kid was taunting this other kid. The one kid told this guy " why don't you just go ******** "... and used the hand motion. I had seen and heard this taunt before, but never knew what it meant, so I asked my older,wiser, friend what it meant. He said it was playing with your d*ck until it ****.... he used the hand motion too.

I went home after school and climbed into my tree house and thought.... Im going to figure this out. I had a jar in my tree house so I could pee without having to climb down every-time. So I thought I will use this if I need it.

I started with the hand motion the way I saw everyone doing and soon enough, I could feel the sensation ... I thought I had to pee .. so I got the jar ready ... then it happened ... WOW ...... Then I thought back to the argument ... why would this guy be trying to put this guy down by telling him to do something that felt so great ??? ...... LOL ... kids.

Thats how it happened for me, I was 13.

Nice, Great feeling that first time. That pleasure by the unknown *********** . Mmmmmm. The feeling of What the ******* is going on here

LOL ... will never forget it.

Me either , and my. \" oh **** \" What the ******* is that!!!

I was about 11, almost 12 at the time. I was sitting on the toilet thinking I needed a bowel movement. I wasn't touching myself, but suddenly I started to get this feeling, just wonderful, my scrotum started to tighten up, my testicles retracted into my abdomen and man oh man, the feeling. My penis became rigid and with out touching myself, it was everywhere on my stomach, I have very little pubic hair, more like a fuzz, but it ws full of *****, even floating in the toilet water. After that it wasn't long before I fugured out by rubbing my member, the same thing would happen. LOL 55 years later and I'm still doing it. Love it!

i did lots nawty things with mums undies - so hot and horny

Your always horny!

Yes, I also would wear my Mother's undies. When my parents went out, just loved to get her panties, girdle on. I was very careful not to come in them, but sometimes it was close to messing them.

What did your mom do?

I don't think she knew, if she did she acted as nothing. Was going. On.