Getting Undressed In The Workplace

I am a naturist and it is not a problem for me to be naked.

Today I walked into a new workplace and started to remove my clothing in front of a beautiful woman.

She did not blink an eyelid as I slowly removed my polo shirt revealing my erect nipples. Seductively I lowered my socks.

Alas my dream ended there as she asked me to lay on an examination couch and started to apply ECG sensors to my chest and ankles. We did have a laugh at the end when she pulled the electrodes from the hairy area of my chest. At least girls don't have that problem.

Will add later a story about the first time my wife and I experienced naturism together - it was a truly beautiful experience and people are wrong to link naturists and naturism with sex

Surely others in this group can let us know their first experience or what is holding them back
Jerryattic Jerryattic
51-55, M
Nov 30, 2012