Brandons Old Gym Teacher

Uncle Walt called and asked if I could go clean the cottage he is selling annd meet with the real estate agent because he would be in the city all night.

I said sure and he said theres lots of beer there.
Givin me the agents name and number I laughed after hangin up the phone because Miss Hold was my old gym teacher and all of us wanted her.
She is in her thirties but built sexi and she always wore shorts that let us see the very bottom of her buttocks and she alwas had i big camel toe and her firm breats had hard pointy nipples.

She is not like other teachers and likes to joke and has even burst into the locker roomm bitchiin at us and most of us were naked.
we made a bet with her that if we won the b ball game she would have to moom us all for a whole minute.
We won and on the bus trip home she stood at the front in the center and bent over givin us full view while we hooted and a couple team mates closer slapped her ***.
That was a close one for her and she was going to be fired but roumour has it she sucked the princable.

I seen her in town joggin the other morning and I asked anout her son I used to hang with and she said that he went into the airforce and she missd him as the house was empty because she never married and asked if i would stop over sometime?
I said,Sure as I looked at her sexi curves feeling my **** gettin hard as i drove home.

At the cottage it was hotter than hell inside and out and I was soaked b the time i got it clean then undressed down to my underwear and sat on the portch drinkin a beer and smokin as I thought about how much id luv to lick
Miss Holds ***** giving me a ***** so big and hard it felt like steel and that it might split wide open.
Kids at school used to say that she liked women also but suckin **** was her favorit thing.
But me being friends with her son and i have spent alot of time at there house I doubted she would let me touch her.

Thats when i got a great idea!!!

Callinh her I said, I might need to run into town but will be right back so Ill leave the door open for u so just walk in .

She said, Im just gettin out of the shower so ill be there in twenty minutes,I said, Dress light its hotter than hell out here.

Drinking a beer and smoking for ten minutes t took a fast shower then came out laying a **** mag on the island counter opening it to where women were suckin big *****.

The island was just the right height as standing naked close to it a person on the other side would only be able to see the tips of my pubs and would not know I was naked.
I drank two more fast beer cause i was so nervouse and then i heard her car pullin up.
She opened the door and said,Brandon are u here?
I said in the kitchen and looked around the corner seeing her kickin off her sneakers and pullin up her little white ancle socks .
She looked real hot as she had on light pink shorts that where very small and tight and a white half shirt that came down just over the bottom of her breasts.
She came in and stood on the other side of the counter and smiling I said,
you sure look sexy dressed licke that Miss Hold.
Laughin she said, Me sexi,Im old enough to be ur mom.
That would ne nice i said laughing,That way i could look at ur hot bod all the time.
She laughed and said, Lets get started I need to take photos of all the rooms.
I left my towel behind me on a kitchen chair and heard her gasp then giggle as i turned and walked across the room givvin her a ful veiw of my *** but careful not to show more as I wrapped the towel around me leavin the split in front.
Lookin at her smiling I said, I hope i did not shock u,its just so hot.
Ur fine she said and held out her hand saying call me Anne.
We walked from room to room then into the basement to take pics and i dropped the towel twice bendin over with mi *** facin her both times hearing her voice change each time.
U sure are all thumbs today,Anne said. But I dont mind the view as its been awhile since ive seen a nice young tight ***.
Going up to the bathroom i said, I can still remember how sexi ur *** looked on the bus that time,I jerked off for months thinkin about it.

Laughin she said, Liked it that much.
I said, Luved it, Do u like seein my ***?
Gigglin she said,Luved it.
Leading her down the hall I took off mi towel and she whistled at mi *** then as we entered a room i turned it back on.
When she finished we had a drink and a smoke and I let her get just a fast flash of mi **** and balls as she looked back walkin to her car then said
If u want stop over later and we can both wear towels.
Ok, ill be over later i said as she pulled away and i dropped mi towel.
She stopped looking out her window at me but she was to far away so i just waved and walked into the cottage nude
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Such bullshit! ANd, larn hou ta spiel..!"

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