A Beautiful Encounter

Tata Aig office  was  on 7th floor   while  going  for  the  lift  there  were  lot  of  people  waiting  for  the  same  lift , as  the  other one  was  out  of  order .  When we both  enter  the elevator we were pressed  together   because of  the crowd . it  was  awkward for  both of  us as we  were  touching  each other  she  was near  me  very  near where I  was  enjoying  her  fragrance as well .next floor  no one got  down but two  more came in . Now I  had to  hold  her  from her waist as  I  was right behind her, ummmm  what a skin like velvet  soft and silky. My  fingers were enjoying  the touch but  the reaction was down there in groins I started getting the erection.  She  must have  felt my big  erection of 9 inches tool ,but  she  never showed any  reaction .lift closed and it  was silent . Second floor door opened  3 went out but 4 college going boys entered they  were  giggling and  making  lot  of sound  .  4th floor  they all (college boys) were still into some kind  of secret talk and laughing ,door opened and  one  of them  just  before closing said oh ****  4th floor and  he rushed  out  rest  of  them  also pushed  hard to  go  out ,it  was a kyos  somebody  pushed the sexy lady towards me  .and she stumbled and  I  my  hand  which was on  her waist went  to  her abdomen part  for  a  better  grip  to save her from falling and  my dream came true I was feeling  her beautiful and big  navel suddenly  no  one  could  understand  and then those  boys  were out  . We  all started settling  after that hurricane  , she stood  properly and  said  thanks  to  me my  hand  which  was  still  there loosened  a  bit I  asked  her ,are u  ok   she  said  ya  its  fine  now  I removed  my  hand slowly  now  the  crowd  was  also  less …. 5th  floor and rest  of  the passengers  were out except  me  and  her .. we  looked  at  each  other and   I said I  am  Sandeep . she  said NitiKa .            to be contnd...........................
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31-35, M
Dec 15, 2012