Hi I am karthi I would like to share my navel experience with u.A college girl was living alone near to my home.I and she were good friends she was 21 yrs old I was 16 yrs old.everyday I would visit her home.one day she called me and said Karthi can u come with me to my friends marriage function.I said okai.I was happy.I went to her home at 6pm.she was wearing a chiffon black saree with green border.we went to the function.While returning it was raining heavily it was about 10 pm.we were completely washed in rain because we didn't get any bus we didn't have shelter.A strong wind blowed her navel was visible so nicely.I started to stare at it.she didn't notice. At last we got a share auto which was full'we wre adjusting and sat I was sitting at right side of her.Then only I can see her hot navel she also have a good body structure and hot navel.we need to travel 10 km to reach our home.it was so crowdy.I was folding my hands so only touch her stomach on my right.I slowly started bt the saree was covering her stomach with a safety pin.I was shocked.so I tried to remove it.so I tried to remove the pin and I suceeded I removed the pin now her navel and stomach was clearly visibled for me and I touched smoothly and slowly she noticed and she didn't tell anything.I enjoyed but I was not satisfied.Then we came to her home.it was raining heavily she said Karthi stay her today I said okai akka.she was wearing the saree with no pin in stomach I enjoyed seeing her stomach continuosly she saw me.And she came to close her stomach with her saree but I stopped her hand.she said leave da.I took her to the wall she was hesitated but she likes me very much she didn't say anything I slowly touched her navel fully she was hot and I said her to lie in the bed she also laid I was licking her navel she maid some sexy sounds I kissed her navel and stomach fully she became more hott she said Karthi enough da I said okai but I couldn't I kissed her lips for more than 10 mins she had a chuppy cheeks she said go da I said kk bye she said cme tomorrow da bye.I enjoyed.
karthimuthu karthimuthu
26-30, M
Aug 17, 2014