Spurs Series Victory Still Modest Duncan: Won Only Two

Spurs history of the NBA (microblogging) 12 teams, two in the playoffs before the victory before the 11 teams have six to get the championship. Therefore, they naturally become the most popular win this year. However, the whole team was circumspect. Spurs eliminated the Clippers the same day, air jordan 12 cool grey 2012, Duncan until midnight 1:00 only slowly from the dressing room to the team bus. That was a long day, but the face of "Stone Buddha" emerged out of a rare smile. Playoffs two consecutive swept through promotion rivals to make Duncan feel good, he said: "This is much like some of the championship team, but we also nothing to get, just won two series, and nothing more."
This is Duncan the


first time since 2008 to return to the Western Conference finals for the year has been 36-year-old captain may be the last time, he certainly hoped to seize the opportunity to Grand Champion. "Every year we are the champion of a strong contender," Duncan said, "into the playoffs, in most cases, air jordan 12 cool grey 2012 for sale, we all feel that they have the opportunity (to win)." Duncan so far 15 season career.has been rounded out the seven Western Conference finals, four NBA finals, and each can win. Even so, Duncan remained calm water, the same is true of his teammates and coaches. Parker (microblogging), said: "We did not get, just enter the Western Conference finals, will face a very, very good team to win the final, I will not be present this San Antonio with the team before compared to. "Popovich said:" cheap air jordan 12 cool grey 2012, I can tell you that when we win before, never thought of in the playoffs this year, belongs to us, we are the champions. "
Even Popovich refused to talk about they have made 18 consecutive victories, he said: "We talk about this, in addition to reporters, I have not heard anyone talk about this, not even in our mind, each The games are very different. "Whether to talk or not talk about the 18-game winning streak in San Antonio have been among the list of the top 10 winning streak in NBA history. Since April 11, U.S. time, they have not yet lost a game, rather isolated situation of the taste.

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May 24, 2012