None Dare Call It Communism. Or Part of a Conspiracy.

When is the public going to wake up to his destruction? Single handed destruction of our economy. A war flowing across our southern border. Redistribution of wealth. Importing radical Islamists and turning known terrorists free. Crushing private industry under the weight of impossible regulations.



Wednesday, March 04, 2009 Mission Accomplished! Did Obama intentionally nuke the economy?

Is President Obama intentionally attempting to bring the stock market to its knees? Some argue that, indeed, he is. "The free market has failed," he could say, "just as it failed the housing market!"

Consider that, in the teeth of a devastating recession, Obama has:

• Raised taxes on small businesses, the engines of entrepreneurship and job growth

• Raised the capital gains tax

• Lied about "tax cuts for 95% of Americans", offering instead $13 a week, achieved not through tax cuts, but by changing the federal withholding tables!

• Destroyed charitable giving by axing the tax breaks for 26% of all giving (or $81 billion in 2006)

Why would Obama inflict these destructive policies while the economy is collapsing? Simple. Each step strengthens the role of government in people's lives.

• Squelching the stock market kills its attractiveness as a parking lot for private capital. Combined with an increase in the capital gains tax, investors will swarm to bonds -- tax-free vehicles like municipal bonds, which benefit the growth of state and local government. And unions, of course.

• True tax cuts would grow the economy, which is why, of course, Obama shuns them. The last major recession was Jimmy Carter's malaise. It consisted of of double-digit inflation and unemployment. It was finally licked by across-the-board tax cuts for everyone (even the despised rich), which touched off a twenty-plus year run of prosperity.

• Charities reduce the role of government assistance for those in need. That, in Obama's world, can not be tolerated. That is why charities must be choked off and allowed to die. Especially faith-based institutions.

The only plausible explanation is that Obama's destruction of the economy is intentional.

It is based on a failed ideology that has never -- and can never -- succeed.

And I'm not the only one who thinks so. Jim Cramer is a long-time investor who's been around the block a few times. He thinks the Obama agenda is crystal clear, stating "...their agenda is destroying the life savings of millions of Americans... we've elected a Leninist."

Cramer went on to say that President Obama has caused "the greatest wealth destruction I have seen by a president."

So he's got that going for him.

Cramer calls it an "assault on the economy" by the President and his cohorts.

If this comes as a surprise to you, I'm guessing you never saw The secret scrapbook of Barry Soetero.

Because if you had, you would've known.



Josie06 Josie06
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10 Responses Mar 4, 2009

JoJo...can you provide specific times when government spending alone has spurred consumer spending?

i listened to you. My experience and my reading comes to different conclusions. <br />
<br />
i totally disagree with your concept of the MSM ... the vast majority are biased and liberal. Some, that is a very qualified few, are not. Period, end of story for me. <br />
<br />
Tax cuts give the consumer money to spend OR save. That is how tax cuts help. Granted they do not do it all by their lonesome.<br />
<br />
Radical tax reform coupled with drastically reduced government spending on all but the essential of government (Constitutionally granted powers not userpt powers and massive entitlements and pork) will move the economy along.<br />
<br />
As i did state Cap & Trade and Free Trade hurts US business, and business is the engine we need running, without massive government regulation and interference.<br />
<br />
So please we are having a civil discussion. You believe firmly in your way and i in mine. i have not given you (nor might i ever be able to give you) reason to rethink or change. But what you've said doesn't sway me. i too have studied economics. Keynesian economics is a proved failure and that is the basis of your argument.

I read alot too. Corporate media is definitely not liberal. What is fact to you is fiction to me. It seems that even though I pointed out some facts about tax cuts, you disagree with my facts and present your facts to me when I think they're fiction. I thought we were having a civil discussion. We are not listening to each other so have a good day

i stumbled over the article. Like it or not. i read almost constantly. As i said the bullets are factual.<br />
<br />
Liberal media does exist. It has since news organizations and reporters began making the news instead of reporting it ... oh, some 60 odd years ago maybe.<br />
<br />
As i said the bullets are facts. Raising taxes kills business, as it removes their source for growth. The taxation system of this country kills and limits business. Couples with Cap & Trade, Free Trade Agreements it stymies business on our shores and gives them the impetus to look elsewhere.<br />
<br />
Keynesian economics, which is again in vogue with this Administration is failed economic policy. Proven many times over the last decades.<br />
<br />
If you don't want to discuss, then don't comment on my stories and imply that you could "but it would fall on deaf ears". i personally like discussion. i may not agree with you but i like civil discussion.

I could rebut all of the statements above but it would fall on deaf ears and be a solid waste of my time. I will say that true tax cuts DO NOT grow the economy because our economy grows mainly through consumer spending and only a portion of a tax cut ends up in the kind of consumer spending that stimulates a local or regional economy. Tax cuts also don't get spent on the types of economic development and infrastructure that directly affect local and regional economies. Government spending actually spurs consumer spending and finally, they increase the national deficit. TRrickle down economics does not work, period. <br />
<br />
I noticed you pointed out that you think MSN is a "Liberal" news organization. There is no "Liberal media.' It's a myth. Read my story on it on my blog. You never cited your sources.<br />
<br />
you stumbled over the Jim Cramer part? Geez, if you don't follow him and you stumble over reference to him, why would you include drivel from him? I can't figure that one out!

JojoWazoo ... so you are telling me the eight bullet points listed in the article are false? That i know is wrong. <br />
<br />
Read the bill and read the Press to date and you will find the truth. MSN is a "liberal" news organization not conservative and/or right-wing in nature. Why would they allow it then?<br />
<br />
As far as Jim Creamer, i don't follow him. i don't care to get to know him any better, he is not on my list of 'Must Read' authors. i stumbled over this one.<br />
<br />
When i read the article i liked the FACTS presented and wanted to pass them on. The FACTS are true and verifiable. If you chose to ignore them or deny them that is your choice.<br />
<br />
Please discuss the FACTS of the article and do not digress solely into the ridicule/debasement of it based on the author. Many times an article or book or anything can be ridiculed based on a statement of the author.<br />
<br />
Lets deal in the facts of this situation, the bailout and recent budget, and what it is doing to the country. Let's get back on track!

Oh and statistically, Jim Cramer is not right very often......Pretty dismal in fact<br /><br />
<br />

Yes, we probably should put our money in a jar. (if we have any left) We have all taken a big hit on our 401k's to include mine and my husbands. As long as we don't need it now, it's all on paper.......I have a friend at work who was supposed to retire last summer and couldn't because of the loss to her 401k. I guess my point is, is that we just didn't lose all of this money in the past month. The downward spiral began last spring.

cramer is not the only one saying these things. there have benn other on tv who are in the market saying similar stuff. our private accountant and financial advisor is saying the same things. At this point and the way things are going we might as well just put all our money (what little of it that is left) in a jar. It will get just as much of a return in the jar. My husband has already lost over half of his 401k.

Jim Cramer is never right. I don't know how he keeps his job. He is always wrong. When Cramer says buy, its time to sell When he says sell, it's time to buy. This guys is the clown to end all clowns! Anyone who listens to him deserves to lose their money