I Was Told I Nearly Died As A Baby

from whooping cough... my mum had to hold me by the feet over a croupe lamp and I would cough and cough and cough turning blue and choking  and scoop out the Flem I coughed up with her finger out of my throat... 

whooping cough still kills babies and damages their lungs, windpipe and stomach

it can deprive babies of oxygen and cause many problems from brain damage to resperatory issues later in life and can also rupture the stomach and kill quickly

also I was in a car accident and hit my head on the dash on impact etc I really thought we were gonna die I had the worse sinus infection for weeks and I wrote a letter to my mum one night and said "IN CASE I DON"T WAKE UP IN THE MORNING AND DIE OVER NIGHT...bla bla bla" I was in so much pain and from busted ear drum, and blood in my nose and then the sinus infection took off I was on anti-biotics for a few months....  I LOL now but yeh I was upset for ages after that and totally panicked in cars it was phobia out of control in a car...

I had a collapse at school and after being date raped from trauma- I think I had a stroke or heart attack 

I also had a liver parasite in 2000 and got terribly drunk with just a red wine and a scotch drink and I vomited all night and I think I was going in and out of consciousness I thought I was gonna chock on vomit it was awful

it reminded me of how a baby might feel chocking and the struggle to get oxygen into the lungs while vomitting for hours was shocking my mum was with me the whole time hold my head into the bucket and waking me up .... I thought I was gonna die and it happen so suddenly and the perisite with just one wine and small scotch drink must have been too toxic for my body... and for the liver to handle,.... I thought I died that night ... it was hell trying to breath so drunk and passing out and vomit that seemed to come from god knows where .. my mum said it was coming out of my toe nails...

I just kept vomitting for hours she said ... it was a bad night ... she said she was gonna ring an ambulance but then I seemed to come good 

but I do recall struggling like hell to breathe and vomit a lot... it felt like the vomit was coming out my noise as well ... and I remember gasping and doing those disgusting "whoop" noises for hours as a baby does with whooping cough  
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Nov 14, 2011