The River

My daughter, 2 grandsons and I nearly drowned in the Little missouri River this past Saturday.  I live in Pike County and this is the same river where 20 people were killed just a month earlier at Albert Pike in a flash flood.  
We, my daughter & grandsons, got caught in a fallen tree in the bend of the river where a whirlpool had evolved.    The river caught my daughter and 5 year old grandson and sucked them into this falllen tree.  I was a few feet away and I could see her face going under and her terrified look.  She was holding on to Karter, the 5 yr old, but they were both being sucked down.  I got there to help lift karter above the water but it started sucking me under, too.  I took in several gulps of water and was sinking. I saw Karter above me with about a foot of water over his head. then I lost hold of him.  I wasn't worried for me, but I didn't want my daughter and grandson to die.  I was under the water tangled in the tree.  I thought when I didn't feel his arm in my hand anymore he was gone.  After what seemed like several minutes but probably only a few seconds, my head popped back up and i grabbed onto the fallen tree.  By now I could see my daughter and Karter had made it to the bank but I was still in trouble.   Blaine, my 7 year old grandson, had come back into the water to help and now he was being sucked under with me.  I was hanging onto the tree and holding onto Blaine to keep him from being sucked down.  I was crying for help and getting weaker.  Blaine's leg had gotten caught in the tree and i couldn't lift him.  I thought to myself, so this is what it's like to drown? Please God help us out of this mess.  It was terrifying.  After about 10 minutes help came.  Thank you God for sparing us.  I am still shaken. 
The Little Missouri can be very dangerous in places you never expect.  It is swifter than it looks.  I am a seasoned river person and if it can happen to me it can happen to anyone.

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wow im so sorry