Blonde Hair Floating Like a Dying Angel

This one scared me for life. I had taken swimming lessons before but that summer I was 8 and thought I was great!At a lake with all the cousins. Acting big, swam out to the floating platform where the older cousins hung out. Laid there about 20-30 minutes in the sun, it never occurred to me as I was lying there that platform was floating farther and farther out into deep water. I did notice most of the cousins we're gone though. might as well swim in. Jumped off the platform but never felt bottom at all, I started free floating in a kind of sitting position, the currant took me along. The water seemed light green with lots of little bubbles, I saw my long blond hair floating above me just like blonde seaweed, light was shining thru the water, my eyes were open, I was 100% calm, saying in my head, so this is where I'm gonna die, felt Gods prescence with me somehow, I knew he was there. I also calmly remember thinking this is how I am going to die, very shortly my hair was being pulled, and I was lifted out, up back to the platform. Gasping for air, there was my cousin "Buttons"about 12, he said he saw my hair, he saved my life that day in 1972, I wonder if he still remembers??? Never set foot in that lake again.
Kellygirl Kellygirl
41-45, F
Jan 10, 2008