I Dunno How You Qualify As 'nearly' Something

I 'nearly' got swept out to sea many times as a kid and as an adult. I just swam in the wrong places at the wrong times of the tide. Got caught by the current and taken away. You don't even notice at first, you have to have been swept too far, to notice. Then it's too late coz it's too far. I have been picked-up by the lifeguards once and dragged back to shore by my father once. I have also been left alone in a boat by him, about 9 miles out, i think. For hours, near a sharp and v v dangerous reef. !!!!

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oh my that is pretty scary!

Control issues

Nah, the fishes were still alive, so they could swin back to whence they came. "The sea around britain is teeming with fish" - I know! My dad comes home about once a week with fish he caught himself (and he's not a fisherman - he just owns a restaurant in portsmouth so he goes fishing now and then.)<br />
Mary - I'm sorry about what happened; that must have been terrible. Why was he so unreasonable?

That was very mean,of your father, so do you hate him for doing that to you<br />
??????My child hood is a trip into what I percieved as hell,and my father tied me to a bed once not nice at all,,,,,,very scarey, when I was three he tied me and my little brother to a tree,just because he was mad when he came home,and me and my little brother were playing cat and dog,lol,,,sorry about your dad doing that to you,Mary

Maybe it was an octopus too, then! <br />
I like to fish, yes. I need a spear gun for the autumn..<br />
I'd rather be selective, I don't throw back dead fish.<br />
There is no 'Only' about handlining. It is not a rule that you need a rod to fish, as you proved. I like hand-lining too. i know some pretty cool spots. The sea around britain is teeming with fish!

"It is best to always go with a partner" - I'll try to remember that. I love snorkelling too, but haven't really done it that much. Only a few times when I went on holiday in Malaysia, which is a great place to do it. <br />
You fish as well? You any good? I've tried it once, but it was only handlining. I caught a few fish and a small octopus, which I threw back. At one point, my brother's line was being tugged so hard that it broke off. I wonder what that could've been...

Well not massive but very effective, a modern sand/silt anchor doesn't need to be big or heavy. <BR>I meant that a smooth surface tells you nothing about what the current is doing. It is best to always go with a partner for open-water snorkelling or diving, I love snorkelling, i wanna buy a speargun this summer..

Haha, if it was more dangerous, I didn't notice. My ignorance maybe? But I'm still here, and it doesn't qualify as a near drowning...yeah, I could have just been lucky. <br />
"'keep the boat in the same spot?'" That's impossible, you're right. Unless of course you had a massive anchor, which I somehow doubt.

I am trying to write a full story for I was alone on the sea. I was my dad's fekking chauffer (spellin?) so he could go diving on the reef. Left me there with instructions to 'keep the boat in the same spot' it's impossibl.. anyway I'll do the story.. but it ruins my mood. You were lucky to be able to exit the current so easily.. I'm not sure being cam or clear makes any difference, I think it just makes it look safer and that means it's MORE dangerous??

Why were you left out there alone :(?<br />
Being swept out at sea is not a fun experience, but mine aren't nearly as bad as yours. Once, I was snorkling and when I popped back up to the surface, I was far, far out. But it was such calm, clear water that I didn't feel too scared and just swam back.