So Scary > < ~

I almost drowned in the swimming club's pool. I still remember well, It was Sunday afternoon, my friend & I went to College to swim.. The pool was 3.00 metres depth and I knew I couldn't swim.. but my friend said It would be all right, she can help me anyway.. so I did and I drowned T_T .. That moment was the most struggle time in my life, I feel like I was dying and my lung was full of water .. I was saved by one swimmer, he was very good & strong.. I would like to tell him thanks so much for saving my life > < ~ I'll never swim in a deep pool again until I can swim good enough ~ as drowning is very aweful..



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Of course! if I were you, it would be big deal for me too. Since drawning is aweful ToT

You have drowned before ?<br />
wow! but you can swim such a very long distance!<br />
I cant swim,<br />
I tried, but all I could is just diving not swimming ToT

That's a terrifying story. I'm an excellent swimmer... I swim 10km per week but I still have nightmares about drowning. I am particularly afraid of falling through ice and drowning in cold water.

Thks DB,<br />
<br />
I'm very appreciated T_T<br />
<br />

Dear Little CB,<br />
Please don't take any more chances like that! Your EP friends(especially Db!)<br />
would be devastated if anything happened to you.As an ex-lifeguard,I know only too well how easily this sort of thing can happen.And how quickly.<br />
Please take a bit more care<br />
Much Love,<br />