Numerous Times

1. Used to jump off the dock at parents' summer home when 2 or 3 years old, mom and dad would have to jump in the lake to save me. Not the brightest child, I guess.

2. Got caught in the deep end of a friend's pool around age 7. Mom (8 months pregnant!) had to jump in and save me.

3. Got caught in the deep end of a wave pool without a float, couldn't escape. Went under but a friend caught my hand and pulled me to shore. I was only 11 but I remember thinking, wow, my life just got saved.

4. Hawaii, tried to get over some coral barriers to snorkel in the open ocean. Kept getting slammed against the coral by the waves, v. scary. Managed to make my way to shore by myself, but I was pretty cut up. My own stupid fault; this happened when I was like 25.

So I'm pretty sure God's got it in His head how He thinks I should go. I love swimming and the ocean and make no effort to stay off boats, though, so it looks like He will get His way sooner or later. Hopefully later.

miochiyo miochiyo
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 28, 2009

Interesting! Most people would stay away from water after that many encounters! I too, hope God waits til later for you! Good luck in all your swimming adventures! BE CAREFUL!