the first time that i nearly drowned my mom had left me with  baby sitter while she and her byfriend took a weekend vacation i was 2 or 3 and my brother was 3 or 4. It turned out that the babysitter  had a phone sex hotline on the side so she didnt watch the kids very well. anyways i wanted to swim and the other kids were watching tv so the sitter put me in one of those donuts so i found my way to the deep end and fell through the donut my brother sat at the edge of the pool and watched he still tells me how erry i looked with bubbles coming out of my mouth while i was staring up at him. i was legaly dead for some amount of time cant remember how muc but the ems guys brought me back my mom didnt find out till 3 days later and i was still in the hospital she got her but chewed bad by the doctor. the second time i was at  schlitier ban i was about 8 years old i dint have on floatys and i went down a tube ride when i got to he bottom the force of the water from the ride kept suking me back down people around the pool saw what was going on and tried to reach out and grabe me but i kept getting suked back under i really thought i would die but my dads girlfriend saw me and pulled me out of the water. i am now an expert swimmer thanks to classes, i love the ocean and pools and I appreciate the fact that im alive

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1 Response Mar 1, 2009

i almost drowned twice as well. the first time was when i was around 7 in a public pool, it was my first time in a pool ,my parents friends kids pushed down the deep end. all i remember is heairng my mom screaming and the kids that pushed me laughing. I had been terrified of water after that point...but i got over it in a couple of years...i couple years ago i started taking swimmng classes bc its a fundemental skill to have...but didnt finish bc of college and just recently i went swimming with some freinds and got pushed 12 ft end i panicked and breathed in water and kept sinking!!!! i touched the bottom and kept breathing in water!!! i finally pushed myself up and grabbed my friends leg...i know i was about to drown bc wen i came back out i was still choking on water that was in my lungs even tho i was outta the water! yet i was not as terrified as the 1st time around. and yet i still love being in it adn i want to be an excellent swimmer! i want to become a surfer and swim in the ocean! Thanks for ur story!