When My Cousin Was Trying To Drown Me' As He Was Mad......

  When i was much younger and quite a swimmer my cousins and I went to the lake and was having big fun.Well my cousin who really wasn't that big jumped on my back in the water and was pushing my face down and my heart was throbbing with terror.I went down one time' then again all the time fighting for my life.The next would of been 3 and that's the one tthat kills you' so i turned and bucked like a horse and he went over my head' and i had peed on myself i was so close to death.He was laughing and i was so pissed and scared and wanted to be left alone' and go home.I never go over my head any more and if my feet don't touch bottom' then i panic and have to back paddle to my neck and then it's all good.Drowning must be a horrible and tragic way to go' .And he almost had it for breaths got shallow and then they  will not come' AnY LoNgeR..

ladonnasangel ladonnasangel
36-40, F
Mar 15, 2010