The Train Ride to Hell

it was 1993 and i had just been shopping with my mother and three year old son to croydon, we had lots of bags and a toddler in a pushchair. As the train came in i handed my mum the bags as i struggled on with the pushchair. There was a disabled man in a wheelchair as we got on and crystal palace had played at home and we came back just as the game was emptying out. The train was packed but we all managed to get seated. Alot of people were standing. As we came into the station i said i would take all the bags and push chair and my mum should take my son. As we were getting off myself and my mother became seperated but as she was lead off by my son i shouted out mum make sure you hold his hand, somehow i saw him slipping away from her i said it again mum hold his hand. Then again once more. As the doors to the train opened up i heard my friends voice, i couldnt see anything as im only 5ft 2 but i heard my friend say oh hello to my mum, then i heard her say hello perry, then suddenly i heard her gasp and so oh my god. I was behing lots of people but as i got off i said hello to my friend, who was actually supposed to be in exeter,this happened in london, she looked at me but didnt speak, i knew something wasnt right so i looked at my mum then i looked at where my son should be and he wasnt there, wheres perry i asked and still noone spoke, wheres perry i asked again noone spoke i screamed where is perry and someone said his under the train. My legs felt like someone had taken a pole and whacked me around the backs of my knees, i fell to the ground. I couldnt move i was too scared, i didnt want to see that, what i thought was there. I couldnt begin to think about it. noone did anything everyone of us froze, a man all dressed in black wearing a long leather coat came running down the stairs he saw me on the floor and said whats wrong, someone said her sons under the train, without a moments hesitation he jumped under thetrain and pulled him out and handed him to me, i clung onto him so hard, i never did get to thank the man, as soon as he handed me my son he jumped on the train and it was away. I think i owe my sons life to that man and i will forever grateful to him for his actions that day. 

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life is precious!

thank you it was horrific at the time!, but it was a long time ago my sons now 20!. thanks to that man, he is alive and well.