Camping With The Girl Scouts

Maryjane Weeks an average 10-year-old dark brown hair coming below her shoulders girl liked Julian Harris a 10-year boy that sat next to her in school. It was the long weekend and the girl Scouts would be camping out by a nearby creek not 2 blocks from where Julian lived, “Julian, would you like to camp with me and the rest of the girl scouts this weekend?” laugh, Julian, “I can’t! If you haven’t notice I’m a boy! Besides your mother would kill me or worst yet tell my mom.” Maryjane laughed, “I have it all worked out with the other girls, so there is no way you will get caught.” Julian “How Like I said I am not a girl even if I do have long hair for a boy.” Maryjane was grabbing him by one arm, “Follow me sacredly cat.” leading him back to her house.

Once in her bedroom Maryjane with eyes sparkling, “I got this just for you!” handing him a Girl Scout uniform, “Try it on so I can see how it fits.” Julian eyes popped wide open, “Here! What about your mother?” Maryjane, “If you just shut your loud mouth mom won’t find out!” placing her hand on his mouth. Julian started pulling the dress on over his street clothes, “No! Take off your trousers and shirt! Mom will really spot you wearing the uniform over your clothes!” Julian hid behind the door and change into the Girl Scout uniform. Stepping out from behind the door, “Wow You look, great! Mom will never know you are not one of the girls!” hugging him dancing around with excitement.
“Here Julian put the uniform in your backpack and that way no one will know you have it.” Julian shoved it to the bottom of the backpack covering it with his schoolbooks, “Now you promise your mother won’t find out?” Maryjane smiled, “I promise, and besides? What if she does? What is the worst thing that could happen to you? having to wear the uniform in front of your mom and some of the boys-big dea!” Julian eyes wide, “Big Deal! Yea it is a big deal I’m a guy! Maryjane you want to ruin my rep with the guys?” Maryjane pulled Julian close, “ Every one of the boys in our fifth grade class has already worn the uniform!” starting to laugh, Julian, “Really? Cool, then I’ll do it.” filled with confidence walking home.

Friday Julian changed in the shed next to his house and walked with Maryjane to the girls Scouts meeting. “Maryjane, who is the new girl with you, I have never seen her before?” Mom, this is Julian, she a new girl at school. She just came today. It is alright that she comes, seeing she is already a scout?” Star Maryjane mother, “Young lady I need a permission slip from your mother dear.” Maryjane, “But mom Can’t you let her this one time? Seeing she just arrived at school today” Star thought then with a grin, “Okay, just this one time! You do understand young lady?” Julian nodded his head yes. “That won’t do, I need a yes I can hear or there is no camping trip for you!” swallowing hard, “Yes.” Star recognized Julian’s voice, “Okay you may join us.” Already knowing what she was going to do.
They had settled in their cabins 2 girls per cabin, “Girls, since Julian has just joined us she will have to bunk with me and I am sure us 2 girls will have loads of girly fun, don’t you Julian?” Julian’s eyes wide with disbelief and glaring at Maryjane as she stood there giggling, after supper Julian, “Now what do I do! You mother is going to kill me! I’m sorry but I am heading for home.” Maryjane eyes fell toward the ground as a voice came from behind him, “Julian honey, I have called your mother and she has consented that is okay for you to stay and camp out with us girls…” coughing, “Misses Weeks I feel really sick. I think I’ll just walk on home, I just remembered some homework I promised mom I would do.” turning to walk away when a set of hands grabbed hold of his shoulders.

Star turning him back around, “Sweetie pie you are in good hands, for I am a doctor and I am sure you will be feeling much better by morning. Besides I insist you stay.” Star turned and walked back to the campfire. “Maryjane, you promised! Now what am I going to do-I’m a boy!” laughing Maryjane, “Yea, mom know too!” giggling, “Julian you didn’t by chance bring some clean pretty underwear by chance did you?” Julian ran for home undressing as he went. Entering the house by the back door and one straight dash to his bedroom locking his door

He had been lying on his bed when a soft knock came on his bedroom door, “Who is it?” the voice of his mother, “Honey it’s you mother can I come in please?” Julian unlocked the door and let her in. “Julian where is the Girl Scout dress you were wearing? I hope you haven’t lost it or destroyed it, after all it doesn’t belong to you.” Now hugging her son “I’ll never trust Maryjane or any girl ever again! They tricked me in to wearing that dumb Girl Scout uniform and her mother was in on it too!” laughing, “Mommy sorry for laughing. It just proves that a love struck boy will do anything for his lady friend. Here is some pie and milk; I’ll be back later to pick them up when you have finished with them.” closing the bedroom door behind her.

Julian had fallen asleep when his bedroom door opened with a bang. Jumping then seeing Misses Weeks standing there with her hands on her hips, “Why are you here?” Julian, “I live here and this is my bedroom- get out” Star smiled, “ So I went through all the trouble to get your mother’s permission and you turned chicken on me and run home, huh.” I was tricked; Maryjane promised me you would not find out!” Star puckered up her lips, “Little baby want a kissy a poo?” No stay away!” Star held out the dress with a few added items, “Pal, you are coming back with me and you are going to be wearing the proper cloths now put them on!” throwing a pair of satin pink panties at him.

Julian fell off the bed trying to avoid touching the pink satin panties, “Ouch! No way, I am staying right here! Thank you but no thank you…” Star pulling him up off the bedroom floor, “Lessen young lady, you will put those clothes on or I and your mother will dress you ourselves!” Margaret Harris laughing, “Honey Misses Weeks only wants you to go and finish the fun you and Maryjane planed on having, that’s all, sweetie.” Julian made a brake for freedom dashing for his bedroom door, “Wow, wow, I know you are excited to go! Yet don’t you think you should get dressed first?” Star laughing as she pulls him back into the room.

Star and Margaret dressed Julian to no fault of his own, Star holding him by his left arm, “Come alone Julian, really it is really not as bad as you are making it out to be!” being met by Maryjane and the rest of the girl scout troop cheering on Star. The girls had started a bon fire and all were setting around it telling why they joined the girl scouts. Star pulling Julian to his feet, “Julian, now tell the ladies why you joined the girl scouts, oh and how much you love to dress in girly clothes including the pretty panties!” Julian wiping tears from his eyes, “ I was tricked! Maryjane told me that all the guys in our fifth grade class had already worn this girl scout uniform and promised I would never get caught!” crying, “ Maryjane, I hate you!” running to the cabin climbing under the bed as near to the back wall as one could possibly get. To one’s surprise that is where his spent the night and most of the morning before he decided to crawl out from under the bed covered with a blanket setting in the center of the bed crying.

Star walked in, “Well good morning Julian. I hope you had a good night’s sleep?” throwing his boys’ clothes on the bed beside him, “Get yourself dressed and there is some eggs ready for you. Have your breakfast, then if you want to you may go home and I will take care of the girls’ clothing for you” turning and walking back out of the cabin. It did not take 5 minutes for Julian to change back into his male clothing. Once outside Julian picked up the paper plate of eggs, walked over and throw, them in Maryjane face running for home.

Nothing ever came of that and now 30 years later visiting his mother in a nursing home heard a voice, “Julian, Julian where have you been?” Julian turning around at first not recognizing her, “I am Misses Weeks.” Jaw dropping open, “Misses Weeks” Yes, I am sorry for what happened so many years ago-would you please forgive an old lady?” as tears streamed down her old and rankled face holding out a hand shaking. Julian taking hold of her hand and kissing it ever so softly, “Misses Weeks, you have been forgiven now for a good 30 years or better. How is your daughter Maryjane?” Star using every bit of strength she had, “ I lost her in Vietnam, she was a nurse in the Army back in Jun of 1973. “ Julian eyes filled with tears once again, “I am so sorry!” now hugging her, “ I have a daughter I named after you. She should be here any time now.” Star seeing this tall dark hair girl walking towards them, “Julian, would this young lady be her?” Julian standing and turning, “Oh, Star-this is the Star that taught me to be a girl’s scout.” Daddy! You are kidding” Misses Weeks “Honey, your daddy is not kidding,” the 2 ladies hugged.

Misses Weeks signed, “Julian, I want you to know one thing.” What is that Misses Weeks?” squeezing his hands, “Maryjane loved you more than you ever could know. Even in her last letter she wrote how much she missed you and wished things would have been different between you.” With one large sign and a smile Misses Star Weeks passed on in to Glory.
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Very good story, But a sad ending. That was well written.