Hoodlum To Sweet Young Girl

Sly a nick name given by a teacher in school for his abilities to work the rules in his favor thus getting away with his underhanded dealings Sylvester was his given name Sylvester Renshaw age 10 and trouble to any one that crosses his path. Dark brown hair combed in a DI with ice blue eyes that would freeze the warmest heart. The police know him and expect he is involved with at least two robberies and maybe knowledge of a murder of a 26 year old girl found in her car died. Minnie his mom a widow his dad was put to death for murder of a bank teller in the state of Connecticut when Sylvester was 3.

Now working as a waitress nights and doing house work in the mornings after work then sleep until eight in the evening, giving her time to take a bath and get ready for another nights work. Sly being under 16 had to be in school and had best have a written excuse for not being in school or fourteen days in juvenal hall. His fifth grade teacher a Misses Emily Jodkowski loved Sylvester and tried to help him, “Sly honey you could be an A student if only you would try.” This went in one ear and out the other; A Miss Sandra Baack had been reading Sylvester’s school and police records.

It was late Saturday night and Minnie was on her lunch break now setting down across from her, “Misses Renshaw, Sylvester is your only son?” Minnie with a half a grin, “Yea, he is a good boy only a bit mischievous. I know I should spend more time with him yet Honey I have bills to pay along with the rent and then very little money for food and his school supplies.” Sandra holding Minnie’s hands, “I can help you and your son: Would you allow me to help you and your son?” Minnie eyes filled with tears, “Honey only if you could and I mean this –I would let you in a heartbeat.” Shaking like she was laughing only she was sobbing from a broken heart.

Sandra now looking into Minnie’s eyes, “I can help and I will help all you have to do is sign this release form giving full custody, this way Sylvester will have no way around what I ask him to do. And you will start getting an extra hundred dollars a week to help you get back on your feet to where you will be able to care for you son properly and without worry.” The release form was stained with tears yet not of sorrow but of joy. Now Minnie I will pick Sylvester up so when you go home this morning don’t worry you baby is safe with me.” Stepping back out on to the street where it had been raining and the night air smelled fresh, Sandra walked to her car smiled got in and drove off.

The next morning Sly walked in to his fifth grade class only finding a lady with long black hair pulled back into a pony tail setting at his desk. Sandra looking at him, “How would you like to skip school for the rest of the school year?” Sky’s eyes widen, “Hay, yea but why? I don’t understand-you from in Juvenal hall?” Sandra laughed, “No, I don’t like in juvenal hall do you Sylvester?” still dazed at all that had just happened laughed, “No, no way” Emily Jodkowski walking over to Sylvester and giving him a hug and a kiss on his right cheek, “I will miss you sweet heart.” tuning and walking away.

They stopped at Denny’s for breakfast then continued on to Sandra’s home some 80 miles from where his mother and he lived.” Miss Baack, what am I to call you?” Sandra smiling, “Just mom or mother or even mommy which ever one you chose or like” Sylvester, “you adopted me?” laughing, “No honey – you foster mom and teacher. Now when you learn what you are here to learn and show you have changed and are not the person you were when you first got here, you will be returned home to your real mother.” Sly with a grin, “then I can leave anytime I want to?” Sandra laughed, “You can yet that could be a bit embarrassing for you, I don’t think you will want to leave.” Opening the front door and allowing Sly to enter.

Sandra instead of showing Sylvester where his bedroom she told him, “Honey you go straight down this hall and the third door on you left is your bedroom. Now feel free to go and investigate and this door is my bedroom and the bathroom is straight across the hall” Opening the door. Sylvester wasted no time in investigating his new room. The bedroom walls were a powder blue with pink trim and lacy pink curtains at the windows. Opening the closet he jumped back, “Miss Sandra, Miss Sandra how come there are dresses, skirts and slip with blouses in my closet?” Sandra now standing in the bedroom doorway, “Now why do you think they would be there?” not wanting to believe or wanting to accept what his foster mom had said he just closed the closet door.

Pulling open the top drawer and only getting a splash of color slammed it closed and turning with a grin, “Well I’ve seem all I want to see. “About running out of the bedroom, Sandra followed him in to the front room and leaning on the door jam, “Where are you planning on sleeping tonight?” Sylvester face white as snow, “One thing for sure not in there.” Now with a grin on her face, “May I ask do you have any night clothes with you?” Sylvester, “I will go buy some I have enough money on me to by myself pajamas-You will take me to JC Penny’s won’t you?” Sandra, “I could yet why spend your money you mother gave you on night clothes when there is a full closet of pretty nighties and night dress and even some baby dolls you can wear” Sylvester face turning beat red as his anger is building.

“Honey you can get as angry as you like sweet heart, now why is beyond me. You have never even given them a try. Oh and I also know why-you’re a boy: Oh my how come I already knew that.” Now here is the bad side of you being a boy. You’re expected of being in involved with at least two robberies and maybe knowledge of a murder of a 26 year old girl found in her car died.” Now pulling him on to her lap, “Now you show me why for you living and being a boy is the best thing for you-please show me.” Jumping off her lap, “I am innocent! For you or those pigs that call themselves cops can’t prove anything.” Now with his back up against the far wall.

Sandra feeling sorry for Sylvester, “Now it is 14 days or two week in juvenal hall now the next step in reformatory then prison. Is that what you want - even ending up like your father? Sylvester honey I am your very last chance to turn things around. Now if you mess this up: well you might as well say your life is over with for you have nothing to look forward to.” Now setting there staring at one another.

After twenty minutes, “Honey would you like to go for a pizza and just maybe some ice cream.” Sylvester, “Yea, still angry with Sandra’s idea about having him dress in girls’ clothes. Nothing was said for the whole ride to town and very little at the pizza shop. Sandra stopped on the way home and bought ice cream to eat at home. Sandra pulling in to the garage, “If you head straight out the door and don’t turn you will be home in about 20 to 30 hours. Please do me on big favor take my phone number and call me should you need help-please?” not exactly what Sylvester thought Sandra would do it just does not fit the picture.

Sylvester took his chance and made a run for it not stopping to turn and look back. after about four hours he found an old shed deciding to spend the rest of the night there until morning or first light. The next morning Sylvester caught a bus back to his mother’s house and walking in. Minnie surprised to see him, “Sylvester! What are you doing here? Where is Miss Baack…” I dumped her; she had this idea that she was going to have me be her little girl the ***** can kiss off!” Minnie crying, “Oh please honey promise your mommy you will then stay out of trouble-please?” crying and holding her baby boy.

Sylvester went to his bedroom and crashed sleeping unto near five that afternoon. The dreams were bad and no matter what he done they kept coming back hearing Sandra’s voice over and over and over you want to may be end up like you father…” Sly and his mother had a good time together and Minnie was laughing and starting enjoying life with her son for the first time in 5 to 6 years. Now four days had passed when Miss Baack knocked on the door and Sly answering it, “Miss Baack! Why are you here, I been behaving and staying out of trouble? I don’t need you any more mom and I are doing alright aren’t we mom?” Minnie with a smile, “Yes, we have and you have been a very good boy for Me.” kissing him.

Minnie holding her son, “Honey I want you to go with Miss Baack…”Mom!” Please for me honey. Wear the girl’s clothes she wants you to please for me? Hay I know a lot of boys that had to wear girls’ clothing and they are fine men today-so please for me?” as the tears started down her cheeks. Sylvester sobbing and hugging his

mother, “Mommy I love you and I am sorry for hurting you like daddy did…” dropping to the floor sobbing. Sylvester stood back up and facing Miss Baack, “I am ready and thank you for giving me four day with my mother-really.” Sandra hugged him, “You are more than welcomed and Minnie if I may call you by your first name?” Minnie grinning, “Please my dear for you are an angle of mercy which I have prayed for, let’s put it this way, a very long time.” Now hugging Sandra and giving her a kiss.

For the first time Minnie could actually see a light of hope at the end of that dark tunnel she and her son has been travelling through, watching the car pull out of sight. The ride back to Sandra’s seemed much shorter and to Sly at times too short for his liking. Miss Baack, the person the police are looking for is not a guy: it is a woman by the name of Helen Lebell, I think she is a step aunt: that is all I really know-sobbing so hard his whole body shook. Sandra stopped the car and shutting it off pulled Sylvester into her arms holding him tight, “Let it all out, it is okay to cry.” tears running down her own cheeks.

When they started out again, “Honey we need to talk to the police and I will be with you all the way and I promise I won’t leave you.” the town of Jasper of about 1500 people. Sandra parted in front of the police station. “Handing the desk Sargent her ID, this young man has information you need on the murder of the 26 year girl found dead in her car. Sylvester, “It is a Helen Lebell I think a step aunt.” Sargent Tom Goulden, “Son do you know where she might be staying?” I think in a room above Carol’s smoke shop on Maple Street where my mom lives.” Sargent Gould, “Could I speak with you a moment please” Sandra, “Honey I will be right back-promise.” following the Sargent in to another room.

“Miss Baack, I do not want to scare you yet the boy is in rel big danger, do you have any way of hiding him say for a year or so.” Sandra with a smile, “I have a full wardrobe of girls’ clothes and the hair pieces to go with them, would that be okay” Sargent laughed, “I most definitely would work for they are looking for a boy of 9 not a little girl. Oh, do you think Sylvester will be willing to go along with this a whole year and may be more?” Sandra laughed, “He will be more willing for this reason than to hold him in check which was and is the reason he is with me. After he learns to to behave himself and stay out of trouble I want to return him to his mother, Minnie is such a sweet and lovely lady and I been working to help her get their lives back to some order.” now both going back out to where Sylvester was waiting.

Tom kneeling down in front of Sylvester, “your mom has told me all about you and what is going on about having to dress as a girl. Now hold on-Sylvester your life is in danger and they will be looking for a boy of 9 not a girl” smiling, “you getting my meaning?” Sylvester broke out laughing, “Yea and this way I don’t mind-what about my real mommy?” the Sargent, “I promise you she will be safe and no one is going to hurt her. “ Sandra and Sly walked out to her car and this time both were smiling and laughing.

Once home Sandra with a warm smile, “Sylvester, are you ready to go into hiding?” Sylvester wanting to yet not quite daring to now laughing with embarrassment, “right now” Sandra, “It won’t get any easier prolonging the inevitable, just like going swimming you just have to jump in or you will never get use to the water.” gently leading him back to his bedroom once back in the room Sylvester mind flashed back to the closet and the top drawer and the flash of colors.

Sandra handed him a pair of plain satin pink panties and a training bra now stopping to help Sylvester, “Here honey let mommy help her sweetie pie.” Holding open the panties sly stepped in to them gingerly giggling as he did so. Sandra pull them in to place, “See, that was not so bad was it now and they don’t feel bad do they?” unable to speak he shook his head yes. Now Honey just put one arm in each opening and I will fasten it for you.” signing, “I really have to wear this stuff a full year or more?” Sandra smiled, “Yes honey for you are in real danger and dressing like the sweet little girl I know you will make will in the long run save your life. Now we need to find a name for you: for certain we cannot call you Sylvester now can we.” both laughing.

Sandra with a grin, “I know how about Mattie and your last name Baack same as mind?” Oh, yes that way everyone will think I am you daughter and I will be safe.” Okay Mattie you can’t just run around in your bra and panties you will need a few more articles of clothing.” Here, this lovely pink cashmere sweater with this half-slip topping it off this navy blue knife pleaded skirt ending with white knee socks and your brown penny loafers.” Mattie still thinking as a boy of 9, “a, huh a okay, if you think so…mommy.” Giggling, the half –slip felt cool and silky against his legs causing him to move his legs liking the touch of it.

Sandra said nothing just smiled contently knowing they had just crested the top of the hill and now it will be smooth running. Sandra stepped back and looking, “All you have no idea how much you look like a little girl even without long hair. “Turning him towards the full length merrier, “look for your, self,” he squealed, “I do! I really look like a girl, wow and I don’t have long hair either.” Sandra smiling, “lets add the hair falls and style it and see what we come up with-okay?” nodding his head yes.

It didn’t take much and in less than five minutes Sandra had his hair styled, “Oh my god, I would not believe this had I not style it myself.” There staring back at Sylvester was this charming little girl, “Is that really me?” unable to believe what he is seeing, “Oh it is you sweet heart-most definitely you. What do you say we go out for supper and a movie than go visit Minnie?” Jumping up and down, “Oh please! Mom will just love it-oh sorry you are my mom now.” On the way Sylvester admitted to his part of the robberies and named names crying. Well for his help in the murder case the judge dropped all charges on both counts of robbery and was court ordered to dress and live as Sandra’s daughter for two years.

Mattie, “Mommy thank you for making a sweet little girl from a Hoodlum that I was, “OH Minnie fell deep in love with er new little girl and even after the two years were up and Sylvester was able to return to being a boy, he like being Mattie for better and became a the head of child protection and Sandra Baack received the highest award for all the work she has done for families like the Renshaw’s
The End

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