The Baby Sitter

Mister and Misses Charles and Susan Donavan and their two children a girl being the oldest named Mary age 9 and their son Peter age 7 live in a modest home with three bedrooms and a small garden off to one side of the back yard which haves two swings a swing for each child. Susan, “Charles, I could use a nanny seeing I have been traveling with you, and the children are grown now and a little harder to bring along.” Charles with grin on face, “I have been thinking that very same thing, Misses Mabel Fairchild has a Baby sitter I wonder if she would be interested in setting ours.” Susan, “Honey I will go and speak with her tomorrow afternoon” setting the table for supper.

At lunch Susan, “I had a chance to speak with Misses Fairchild and she said she would have her sitter stop and see us together this afternoon at 2. “ Charles sipping his tea, “Then I will be there a little before two for I do want to have a chance to speak with her.” Susan smiling, “You didn’t happen to see the lovely dress hanging in the widow at Sears did you? It would go great with my white pumps and the pocket book you bought for my last birthday…” You can buy it as long as you are willing to wear it, for I am not willing to buy a new dress for your clothes closet.” now the two of them laughing.

The front doorbell rang and Susan answered the door, “I am Misses Violet Kleisel I have been caring for children now for twenty five years. I have never been fired for if I am unable to deal with a child or children I give just twenty four hours’ notice, then you are on you own. Now if I work as a nanny I live in and stay with the children around the clock tending to their every need. I am a firm believer in discipline and a spanking as the last resort. Now how many and their gender and ages please?” Charles grinned, “I am well pleased with your work record, we have two children a girl who is the oldest age 9 and Peter our son age 7” turning Mary, Peter come here please.” Violet surprised at seeing the boy wearing boys clothing.

“Ma’am, be for I start I demanded that the male child be properly dressed that is dresses and petticoats with proper panties with skirts and blouses and most certainly stockings.” Susan laughing, “Misses Kleisel you are kidding I take it?” Without a smile, “I never joke: I believe the male child is made to be inferior by having the child dress as a male. Now don’t take me wrong, I believe men are not inferior to women despite what most believe to be true. Placing the male child in dresses and petticoats will give the child character with self-discipline. He will not only have proper deportment he will also know how to be a proper husband and Father to his children. Now there is no disputing this point, for I will not work if we do not agree on this point. “Setting there unconcerned one way or the other.

Susan taking a deep breath, “I’m very sorry yet I have a very hard time with a women I hardly know placing my son into girls’ clothing, for one he is my son and I definitely want him to be a man.” Violet laughing, “My Dear: you haven’t talked with your neighbor, for they have two young boys and their father was livid and refused to even consider hiring me. It was three weeks later He called and asked to see me over coffee. Needless to say I was hired this was two years now and His oldest son turned 12 this past week and Mister Fairchild son is carrying a “A” plus average and his deportment is top of the line.” setting there meek as a kitten.

Peter could not contain himself any longer, “Mother, Dad please don’t hire her! For I don’t want to wear my sisters panties and dresses-please no” starting to crying. Mary, “Mother, I think Peter is right, why should he have to start wearing dresses and panties now: He is seven and in the third grade.” Violet with a laugh, “Oh the prattling’s of a child-how it causes me to laugh.” if it were even possible to laugh without showing signs of happiness Misses Kleisel accomplished just that.

Susan with a grin, I would like a day to talk with Misses Fairchild and her husband if that would be okay with you.” Violet with a faint smile, “Most defiantly for I believe one should check out ones references and I am very pleased thank you: Now I will see you two days from now, good-by.” Standing turning towards the front door and walked out closing the door behind her. Mary with a laugh, “Now if the boy was Mike Renshaw I would screamed yes hire her-for I would give anything to see him in dresses and panties” giggling.

Peter still scared his parent’s might actually hire Misses Kleisel, Mom please don’t go talk to Misses Fairchild for that lady will never know.” Susan kneeling down beside him, “Honey Misses Kleisel would know and I did say I would talk with Misses Fairchild and my word is no good if I will not keep it, now is it sweet heart?” Peter eyes wet with tears, “Yes Mother you are right-but mommy I am a boy please don’t let her make me wear girls’ clothes please” Susan hugging him, “Now stop your crying for your father and I have not hired her as of yet.” Kissing him and sending him to go play.

As things would work out Misses Fairchild invited Charles and Susan down for tea and biscuits not an hour later. Misses Fairchild answered the door and with a large smile, “Oh by all means please come on in and have a seat on the sofa and I will bring the tea and biscuits” showing them to the setting room. Misses Kleisel hearing them stepped in, “Nice to see you folks again, now enjoy you tea and biscuits.” leave as abruptly as she came. Misses Fairchild entered the setting room carrying a tray with a tea pot and cups with a small dish of biscuits and setting them down on the coffee table before them taking a seat in the chair off to their right..

Mabel Fairchild now with a bright grin on her face, “Now what did you folks think of Misses Kleisel, isn’t she wonderful?” Susan a bit shocked at how much Mabel thought of Misses Kleisel, “to be perfectly honest with you, “I have a little trouble with her wanting to place Peter into girls clothes: rather one wants to admit it Peter is a young man.” Mabel laughing, “Honey-Oh I mean Susan, I felt the very same way and Fried! He, blow his stack to the extent of asking her to leave the premises. Seeing we have two boys at the time were 10 and 8 in age “Pouring the tea, “One or two lumps?” Charles “No lumps for me and two for Susan please and thank you. “

Charles, “What caused Fried to change his mind, if I may ask why?” Oh by all means you may-we had taken the boy’s with us to visit his boss and their family. While to make a long story short, our boys made a jackass out of their father and I was none to please with them myself. They had spilled their dink on a white rug along with catsup from their burgers-by the time we returned home he had make the call and Fried or myself have not been disappointed. Now that Luther has turned twelve and is always curtsies not only to our friends but to us Fried brags about Misses Kleisel even to his boss.” laughing.

Susan, “Now how did your boys react to Violet’s placing them in girl’s clothing?” Mabel did not laugh just smiled, “Oh I had to leave the house, for it was just horrible. Their crying out, “Mommy, please help me or us this mean lady is forcing me to wear girl’s panties…” Mabel now wiping the tears from her eyes “I’m sorry yet it still bothers me.” Fried Fairchild entered the room, “Oh Mabel turn off the water works and be honest you walked out for if you didn’t you and I both would of peed our pants for we were laughing so hard. I never thought I could enjoy hearing my two boys cry like that. Yet after what happen with my boss’s family – it gave me great satisfaction as it did you Mabel you faker.

.” Pouring himself a cup of tea, “and the thing is Violet never touch them once-nob, not even once. The women is a marvel and I am damn straight recommend you hire her for I guarantee either of you will not be sorry and believe this or not even your boy will be glad. Yep, the best thing I could have ever done for my, family was to hire Violet she’s a regular sweet heart. Oh once you get to know her.” laughing as was Mabel.

Charles and Susan thank them and started walking back to their house Susan with a smile, “Well I think we should most defiantly hire Misses Kleisel for I am deeply impressed with her not laying a hand on the boys and having that kind of results.” The only problem I am having is what will it do Peter’s and mind relationship later on down the road. Susan hugged Charles, “From what I see with Luther and his father you have nothing to worry about and besides who could stay mad with a wonderful guy like you-hum?” blushing, “Honey I wish you wouldn’t do that, it makes me feel self-important and I don’t like it.” Well I do” replied Susan with a large smile.

Susan, “I’ll run back and tell Misses Kleisel we have decided to hire her and she can start today or first thing tomorrow morning.” Charles entered the house and both of the children were there to meet him, Peter eyes wide, “Dad you didn’t hire Misses Kleisel, right?” Charles now kneeling down in front of his son, “Peter, sorry son yes your mother and I decided to hire Misses Kleisel.” Tears filled Peter’s eyes as his lower lip quivered, “Da, dad, daddy I am a boy! Please daddy don’t let Misses Kleisel make me wear girls’ dresses and stuff-please” turning and running up stairs to his bedroom sobbing. For that very instant Charles was sorry for even hiring Misses Kleisel and angry with himself for being drawn in by the Fairchild’s.

Susan did not have to enter the house to sense what  had just happened. Walking in and without saying one word embraced her husband kissing away the tears. “Honey I will go up and speak with Peter, Mary you stay down here with your father and help him for mommy please.” Susan knocked on Peter’s bedroom door, “Honey may mommy come in sweet heart?” Peter not even looking up, “Yea-come on in mom.” Staring at the celling as tears ran down his cheeks. Susan sat on the edge of his bed leaning over and kissing him.

“Honey you have worn girl’s dresses and skirts before and you had loads of fun. Now what is so different –why can’t you still have loads of fun.” I didn’t have to wear girl’s panties!” Susan, “And just why does that make a different? So you wear one or two more articles of clothing and there’s no one that will see but  me and sometime daddy and of course Misses Kleisel and no one else. Remember the day your sister had to wear a pair of your underpants?” Yea” did she fuss she even had to wear your trousers and a shirt, did she scream and fuss and cry?” Peter, “A No but mom she is a girl” Oh and girl’s aren’t smart enough to know the difference between boys and girls clothing or care-gee thanks I love you too” Peter with a laugh hugged his mother, “Mom I love you and even daddy and I will let Misses Kleisel dress me in girls’ clothes.” following his mom back down stairs.

The front door swung open and in walked this huge pill of clothes dresses, slips, panties, training bras, skirts blouses and even nightgowns with baby dolls and house coats, Peter, “Can I help you Misses Kleisel with those clothes please?” This was the only time Olive Kleisel smiled in all the time she was with the Donavan’s house hold. Once up stairs and in his bedroom, “This will be my bedroom from here on out and you and your sister will share what is now her bedroom yet sleep in separate beds, so take your new clothes over there and I will be there to help you in one minute.” waiting for the scream-my new clothes which never happened.

Mary, “Misses Kleisel you are going to have Peter dressing in girls’ clothing now what are you going to be having me do?” Olive laughed, “Just, help your little brother understand what girl’s clothes mean and how each piece is used and for what reason and with his hair and nails along with his eyes. For once he gets started the time for him to be wearing pretty dresses and satin panties will pass very fast and the fun will be over with for your brother Peter. It is only us girls and ladies that have the private of having the fun of wearing all these wonderful dresses and the like for life yet the boys only for a few short years, as Luther Fairchild found out.” Laying out the clothes she wants Peter to wear for dinner with the family.

Peter entered the bedroom wearing a bathrobe and slippers, his face red from the thought of what he would be wearing when he went to dinner with his sister and family. Olive, “On the bed honey you will find a pair of satin panties please put them on.” Mary, “Peter remember, mother and father are paying Misses Kleisel to have you wear these kind of clothes” Peter pulling the satin pink panties up into place. Olive pleased he is doing as she ask of him, “thank you Peter now hold your arms out and I will help you put your training bra on even though you will never have a real need to use one. Yet you need to wear one to gain the full effect of what little girls enjoy every day of their lives” Fastening the bra behind him.

Next came a white blouse with full length puff sleeves with lace at the cuffs and around the neck. This did not really bother him until he found out the blouse buttons up the back, “How can I get this off for I can’t reach the buttons when they are in back.’ Olive holding him, “Now calm down you are not trapped the blouse will come off when it is time too.” Having him step into a half-slip pulling the hem of the blouse over the waist of the slip then lowering a circle skirt navy blue with white piping’s at the hem and waist all this came just below his knees by a inch, Now Olive standing back and looking.

“You look very nice Peter, now please put these stocking on then these black Maryjane shoes and then I will style your hair.” Half crying and half laughing, “Misses Kleisel can I please eat my supper here in my room.” Panic at having his mother and father seeing him dressed this way. “Peter, Mary I want you both to just call me nanny and I will just use your proper names when I am addressing one of you.” But nanny Peter? I have never seen a girl with the name Peter. Nanny, Neither have I, yet I have seen plenty of young boys with the name Peter. You are a boy and even though you are wearing dresses and the like you are still a young boy who is properly dressed for his own age.” liking her handy work.

Charles went up to the children’s bedroom and knocking on the door Mary, “Come in Father.” Their eye met each other’s sensing Peter’s panic, “Son you look very nice and you have nothing to be a shame of, now would please accompany your father down stair to dinner and show your Mother how nice you really look.” A, okay I guess Daddy.” Olive, “Peter you say Yes father I will be glad to accompany you to dinner and to show mother how nice I look.” Peter taking a deep breath, “Yes father I will be glad to accompany you to dinner and to show mother how nice I look.” Olive, “Now you may go and enjoy your dinner with you family.” setting in her overstuffed chair with a book.

Susan upon seeing her son squealed with pure delight, “Oh sweetie you look absolutely wonderful” hugging and kissing him as well as Mary. By early evening Peter was actually enjoying himself with his mom and dad and sister Mary. At bedtime all he could talk about was how much fun he had and that wearing a skirt and girl’s panties wasn’t all that bad. Yet tomorrow will bring a new set of challenges. By 9 in the morning Olive had both children dressed and ready for a days outing. Mary was wearing pink shorts with a pullover top with no sleeves and white tennis shoes with pink shoes laces and Peter was wear a red plaid dress with puff sleeves and a full slip that fell a half inch shorter the than hem of the dress with white anklets with pink lace trim. “Peter you hold you older sisters left hand and I will hold you right hand. Now let us go to library and I will read you a story then we will go to the zoo and see all the animals and have a picnic there with a long slow walk home for dinner” Peter about to pass out from fright.

“Nanny the other boys will see me wearing girls’ clothes” Olive taking hold of his hands, “It is just like last evening when you were scared to see you mom and dad dressed like a girl. you also found out that it was not so bad as you found out. Now trust me and you will see I will not let anything happen to you or your sister. The library Peter won first prize for being the best behaved boy there and also the best dressed. The zoo Peter met another boy his own age dressed as he was only wearing a navy blue pleated skirt with a pull over white shirt and bobby socks with tennis shoes.

Now Nanny is a part of the Donavan family and travels with them and the kids learning geography first hand and loving it. Wearing dresses and skirts of the counties they visit. Peter and Mary his older sister grow close as brother and sister and like Fried Fairchild had said , “Even the boy will be glad you hired Misses Kleisel and either of you will not be sorry for doing so.
The End

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Nice story

Thank you Bud Bear Bill oops Imean Billie the Bud Bear and thank you for the laugh.