Grandma Ruby’s Girls Bouquet For Boys

Harvey Jacklin is 9 year old boy and was adopted by the Westbury’s when he was seven three months after the death of their oldest son Peter who was thirteen. For Shirley Misses Westbury this was the best thing for she was able to let go of her older son and state enjoying life again. Now two years have passed and Shirley and Chester have been talking about having a daughter which it didn’t bother Harvey for he liked the idea of having a younger sister. Aunt Cynthia was only 11 just two years older than him and more like a sister than an aunt.

Grandma Westbury was great and Harvey just loved her and was always glad to spend time with her and his aunt Cynthia be It a day or an overnight even a week end he was just delighted just to be there. Shirley and Ruby were going through Cynthia’s closet sorting out the clothes was unable to wear and the ones she just plainly disliked and refused to wear, leaving a stack of dresses and skirts on the bed that only the grown-ups could see over. Then they went to Cynthia’s underwear drawer and again started sorting out what was to small and what she would not wear, leaving another pill of clothes. It didn’t stop there, they went right on to the slips and petties, and all in all there were enough clothes to open a bouquet for girls.

Shirley signing and then with a slight laugh, “Mom, I should of adopted a little girl seeing all these lovely dresses and things: it is just too bad we have to through all this away or give it to the Salvation army.” Now glancing over at Harvey, “Honey, could I talk you in to trying some of these lovely dresses and skirt sets for me-please?” Harvey’s eye wide, “No way, mom like being a boy.” laughing with embarrassment. Ruby just started packing the clothes in to two huge trunks, “One day there will be a little girl that will just love these wonderful clothes.” Not paying any mind to Harvey.

They went back home and for the next three months everything was as usual. Cynthia with a smile, “Sis can you and Harvey spend the day with Mom and I” Harvey all wide eyed, “Oh please mom please?” Shirley signed, “Okay let’s go before I change my mind. Once at Grandma’s Cynthia and Harvey went outside while Shirley sat with Ruby, “Mom did you ever decide what you are going to do with all those clothes that Cynthia has out grown.” Ruby smiled, “I have already have plans for their use.” Shirley, “what is that mom?” Ruby now grinning, “Back in my childhood days young boys wore dresses and girls’ undies until they were seven and sometimes longer depending on the mother. “ Shirley sipped her tea and waited for mom to explain.

Harvey is small for a boy of his age and you know as well as I do he is a bit of a klutz and awkward and never thinks of bring spare clothes “laughing” now you see what I am getting at?” Shirley jumped up and hugging her mother-in-law, “Oh mom I love you! I have been thinking how I could have him wear those lovely dresses.” Ruby with a stern look on her face, “Just settle your butt down for you want the boy to put himself in that position not you or me.” Acting like nothing was going on.

Cynthia with a sheepish grin on her face, “Harvey, would you do me a big favor and play dress up with me-please?” Harvey laughing, “I would yet I don’t bring any other clothes with me” Cynthia shaking her head, “No, that is not how the game is played. I have all those old clothes I have out grown and most of them would fit you….”Oh no not me I don’t wear girls clothes for nothing or no body-oh no anything else and okay but not your hand me down dresses or whatever. “Cynthia grinning, “Okay, I will tell my sister and she will make you or I will have grandma send you home.” Harvey just laughed, “Grandma won’t send me home just because I won’t wear some of your stupid clothes and play dress up or whatever.” Well we will just see about that.” Turning and walking out to the living room where Grandma and Shirley were setting.

“Shirley, mother, Harvey refuses to play dress up with me-for he says he will not wear my stupid hand me down clothes, how dare him call my clothes stupid” turning on the tears and thronging herself on her mother’s lap sobbing or wanting the ladies to think so. Ruby sat there laughing, “Cynthia darling you won the academy a word for best faker now go get you and Harvey some ice cream and cookies.” Ruby stopping Harvey, “After you and your aunt Cynthia have your ice cream and cookies: I want you to go take a bath…”But Grandma I took a bath just before I came here!” Ruby with a grin, “then I guess you will take other both won’t you?” Harvey now looking over at his mother, Shirley, “Hay that is your father’s mother and if he has to obey then I think you should certainly obey,” loving every minute.

Like kids the two of them had for gotten all about the game of dress up and had move on to playing tag outside in the back yard. They had finished their ice cream and started for the back door when Ruby stopped Harvey, “Where do you think you’re going young man? You have a bath to take first remember.” Harvey laughing, “Oops I will do that right now, Cynthia you wait out in the back yard and I will be right out as soon as get my bath.” Running the upstairs bathroom, Ruby stopped her daughter, “Honey you just might want to wait in here.” as her and her little girls walked back to the living room.

Shirley all smiles, “Mom, please don’t let Harvey wear the underwear he wore over here-please” giggling. Cynthia noticing, “Hay what is going on here sis and mom, you two are up to something and I have a feeling Harvey is in for it-now what is it?” Ruby with a grin, “Your nephew is going to learn a lesson. Calling your out grown clothes stupid for they are not. Now he is going to play your game of dress up until ether his mother or I put a stop to the game.” Cynthia burst out laughing so hard she fell to the floor. Catching her breath, “This is so cool! Thank you mother and sis”, hugging and kissing them both.

Harvey finished his bath and remembering he had brought no change of clothes with him, “Mom, can I wear the clothes I was wearing before I took a bath, please?” Rudy now standing in the bathroom door way, “Harvey haven’t I warned you to bring over clean underclothes and clothes with you when you come to visit-now haven’t I?” looking now at his mother, “Yes, but, Mom will go and get a change of clothes for me won’t you mom?” Ruby interfered, “No Shirley you do and he will never learn his lesson: so you stay right here and Little Harvey will just have to wear those stupid clothes rather he likes it or not, now won’t you Harvey?” Shirley, “It looks like you are going to play that game of dress up with you Aunt Cynthia after all.” placing his clothes in a plastic garbage bag.

Cynthia wrapped Harvey in a bath towel as she did so many times before and carrying him back to her bedroom: only this time to dress him in her clothes she has out grown. Cynthia, “It will be fun and you have the perfect excuse, you haven’t any boys clothes change into.” Cynthia with a grin held out a pair of pink satin panties with lace, “Please put these on you will just love the feel of them against your body.” Ruby and his mother Shirley stood there to make sure he did as Cynthia asked of him.

Harvey eyes wet with tears, “Mom, you and Grandma won’t make fun of me will you?” Ruby pulled Harvey in to her arms, “Honey I or your mother would never make fun of you or teas you. Just sometimes the boy or boys want to wear a dress even the undies: Yet they are scared and need a little push to get them over the hump. Now please Harvey please have some fun.” Helping him pull the panties into place, Harvey started to laugh and yet wanted to cry. “There-now is that so bad? See honey your Aunt Cynthia only want you to have fun, now have fun and let your Aunt show you a great time.” Ruby and his mother walked out of the bedroom not looking back.

Within a few minutes they could hear laughing and giggling then hearing Harvey, “I want to show Grandma and mom, can I” Cynthia, “with a loud laugh, “Oh please do. “Now hearing footsteps running down the hall came the sound of foot Steps running in to the Living room, “Mommy look twirling around showing of the dress and the petticoat he was wearing, “See Grandma and mom, why can’t boy wear dresses like the girls for they wear out clothes? Mother can I wear dresses and the underpants at home that Aunt Cynthia wears?” Shirley eye wide sparkling as a large smile shown across her face, “Honey you sure can and you and Aunt Cynthia can play dress up any time you want too.”

Well three of them went to the mall and Chucky Cheese and even went shopping for girls clothing and their finger nails done. At home Harvey only wore dresses or skirts, Him and his Grandma and Aunt Cynthia with his mom had great adventures to gather, Harvey was home schooled so he could wear dresses and enjoy spending time with his mother.

The End

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