Santa Clause And His Unwilling Helper

Now the mall was getting busies and the Christmas ornaments were starting to be displayed at a various stories. The Mall general manager a Mister Nicholas Plomer a twenty nine years old and two year out of collage business with a degree in management, Nicholas standing five two and a half thinly built. Was a nevus type and easily panicked, earning him the nick name Barney Fife. Now the Mall Manager a Misses Veronica Tailour a mother of two daughters, Marybeth and Doris twins and are fifteen and think Nicholas is a real scream.

“Nicholas, would you please come in to my office.” Yes Misses Tailor I’ll be right there.” Veronica up on seeing Nicholas, “Oh please take a seat for I have some bad news concerning Santa Clause helper this year. Doris and Marybeth can’t play the part this year for they have a part in the School Christmas play and I think that is far more importance than being a cute little Elf as Santa Clause helper, don’t you?” Nicholas a real kiss ***, “Oh yes by all means, I’ll just place an ad in the paper for a Santa helper and I am pretty sure the young ladies will flock over here so we will have no trouble filling the spot.” Veronica smiling, “Please hold, off on the ad in the paper I need to check the budget first.” Okay I will do that Misses Tailour.” standing turning to leave the office.

Veronica, “Oh you just might or more than likely may just have to play Santa Clause help this year-just thought you alt to know.” All Veronica heard as Nicholas walked out of her office was “Me!” confident that being still three months before Black Friday Veronica would okay it for him to hire a young lady to fill as Santa Clause helper. Two weeks before Thanks Giving, Veronica poking her head in Nicolas office, “Sweet heart you’re on for being Santa Clause helper, so you best get down to fittings so your Elf custom will fit you properly. “Laughing as she closed his office door.

The next morning Nicholas stopped in Veronica’s office, “May I have a word with you please misses Tailour?” Sipping her coffee and eating a donut, “Oh sure come on in and have a donut with some coffee I just made it fresh, now what is it you wanted to speak to me about.” Nicolas taking a deep breath and swallowing hard, “Misses Tailour, I like working here with you and you are an excellent Manager just my job description states I am to assist you in the running of this wonderful Mall, like with the hiring and maintenance crew and supervising the space rentals. I am sorry yet I don’t see in my job contract where it states I have to play Santa Clause helper. Why can’t, one of the girls in one of the girls Boutique shops fill in as Santa’s helper?” setting there in her chair sipping her coffee then smiling.

Veronica, “Nicholas you have your contract memorized very well-just you missed the part that starts or anything else to help to keep the cost to the customer down, Honey that means you will make up for any lack of personal even the cute little Elf or Santa’s helper. Do you agree with that?” Nicholas, “Yes but I still think not as far as having a man play the Elf’s part as Santa’s helper.” Veronica, “I am very sorry to hear that, for you are a top notch assistant Mall Manager and I sure would and do hate to lose you for you are a valuable employee. Honey in short either you do as you are asked or you are relieved of your position as associate manager of this mall effectively as soon as this conversation has concluded. Now do we have an understanding or not?” Yes, ma’am I understand and I will report to fittings right away.” Turning and leaving her office.

Beth seeing Nichols was upset, “Nicholas, what is wrong? You look like you are about to cry.” Nicholas signing, “I want to quit this job-yet I can’t I need the Esperance in order to get considered for managing my own Mall.” Beth being his sweet heart, “Well what is causing you to want to quit for just this morning you thought being the assistance manager of this mall was the best job any one could have-what on earth happened.” Nicholas, “Guess, who’s the new Santa Clause helper, this year” Beth wanting to smile “Who” Nicholas, “Me…”You! Oh how cute! Why is that’s making you wanting to quit” Da- look I am a guy not a cute young girl, I’m looking for another job then I am gone long before black Friday” Beth not knowing what to say, “I am sorry to hear that, can we talk after work at my place-please” shaking his head yes walking away.

Entering the fitting room Nicholas met Lester Murphy their Santa Clause for some fifteen years Lester with a large grin on his face, “I hear you and I will be working this year together…”Nicolas, “Things could not knockwurst for me.” Knockwurst,” Lester you know a lot worst, one more thing people make fun of me.” Lester placing his big arms around Nicholas and Nicholas, “I am going to quit as soon as possible – for I hate this stink ken place!’ Pulling free from Lester, Lester, “Why for, you’re a good associate manager there Nick” I am glad you think so for no one else does.” Lester, “I still do not know why you are quitting. “ Nicholas furriest, “I have to be and dress as an Elf that normally the girls do, that is why I am quitting.” Now seeing his would be costume hanging on the dressing room door.

Lester, “I think you are making one giant misstate and over reacting to the situation: You stand to be able to have one heck of a lot of fun if you look at this right.” Patting Nicholas on his back and walking out of the fitting room. The news of his having to be the Elf this year traveled at light speed through the whole Mall. Nicholas now looking at the reason, for there hanging on a hanger was this pair of white with red lace rumba panties with silver bells on the top row of lace that rang with every movement, a add on by Veronica’s two daughters Marybeth and Doris. For they just loved to have all the guys from school standing there cheering them on along with a few wolf whistles for their foxy legs.

Glenda Shevill a 67 year old lady having no teeth and believe it or not a beautiful smile, “Cheer up Mister Plomer You’re not the first to have to go through this. “Nicholas eyes wide open, I am not?” Shevill laughed, “No sir you are not. A Miss Tailour some say fifteen years back was working part time here and during the summer fulltime. She was going to college days and worked here evening. The day she graduated from collage she was recommended for the associate manager by the manager then, I believe a Mister Bill Roberts, heck he is dead and gone now. Now Bill was faced with the same dilemma as Veronica was faced with. Now the very same words were said to her about playing the elf. She was just as angry as you are and not unlike you she played the elf.” Smiling like she could still hear and see all that went on that day.

“Yep Veronica worked that Christmas plus, five more just as angry at the last as at the first. Now I can’t say for sure yet I believe you are paying for what was done to her. Now son if you weren’t as short in stature and so thinly built you would probably would not be going through all of this. Now I am not saying you are yet it sure looks that way.” Measuring his hips waist and chest as well as his arms and waist to the floor: Then his shoes size and hat size,” Nicholas with a grin on his face, “Did she have to wear the rumba panties also?” Sylvia, “No just white boots with white fur around the tops and her bare legs with her own white panties that I think is why she called it sexes. “

Glenda, “Mister Plomer I would like someone like you to turn this thing around and not only make big money yet have a great time doing so without the anger, that my friend would end this whole thing and shut your Boss’s mouth for good. “ now giggling, “Now sir you will have to try on the costume, so step right in here and when you are ready step out and we will make the notes where it needs to be adjusted then you can step back in and change back to your street clothes again sir.” Nicholas, “You ladies won’t mind if I sob will you?” both women, “Oh sir it is not that bad now.” Nicholas changed in to the costume and came right back. Red faced, “Please ladies hurry for I want no one to see me dressed this way.” on the verge of passing out form shame.

It was done and he was on his way back to his office to get his suit coat and head for home. On the way home Nicholas stopped at his mothers’ house. Telling her all that has been going on and how he plans to quit, “Nicky, please don’t quit-I know honey it must be embarrassing for you yet please stay and go through with it. I have a feeling things are going to change big time and this is the rock that is going to break the glass.” They eat supper to gather and watch wheel of fortune and little house on the prairie. Then having some coffee and pie and then he went on home.

He no sooner got home and sat down when the front door opened and in walked Beth, “Honey tell me why just because you have to wear that dumb elf outfit. It is still not enough of a reason to leave your job.” Nicholas, “Well I understand, one you are a girl and the costume is for a girl not a man or boy…” Well you go right ahead and find another job and quit the best job you ever had or can hope for-for I still love you and I still want to marry you.” hugging and kissing him. “I wish you would wear the Elf costume, just to show you are a bigger person than those that forced you to do it.” laughing, “you and just about every one that I have talked to has said the same thing-you would think I was a girl.” Beth with a grin, “You’re half girl like everyone else.” they hugged one more time then Beth went on home.

Veronica called Nicholas in to her office, “Oh I hear you are looking for another Job, so you really think you will find one?” Yes I do and if I don’t I be your elf Santa’s helper.” Veronica with a grin, “You do know you will be in the parade and on television in living color.” Nicholas smiled, “I have some work to do now may I go?” Veronica laughed, “Yes you may and have a great day.” watching him leave her office.

That afternoon Sylvia stopped by, “We need to see you in fittings so we know your costume is ready and waiting.” Nicholas, “Hold on I’ll go with you.” taking the elevator to the basement. Lester stood there all deck out as Santa Clause with a large smile on his, “Nicholas I want, you to see this with your own eyes. Taking some powder out of his coat pocket that sparkled like stars. “Now Watch” throwing the dust on the elf costume saying Marry Christmas then laughing, “Don’t say Santa does not give Christmas gifts early, for the moment you put the first article of that costume on you will be a full female until you remove the last article of that costume then you will be Nicholas the associate manager again. “ Nicolas laughed, “Hay thank you for the thought Lester really thank you.” taking the costume in to the dressing room.

“Holy Cow it worked! I am a girl! Wow no there can’t Oh ****, there is a real Santa Clause and I know him” sobbing unable to stop it. Misses Glenda Renner was smiling, “Honey now go and have yourself a wonderful time.” kissing her on the left cheek. Veronica was besides her self-wondering where the girl came from, “I’m going to fire Mister Plomer when this is over with.” The TV stations raved how pretty the Elf was and if they did not know better they would say it is a girl and not the associate manager from the Mall, “I believe a Mister Nicholas Plomer: Ladies and gentlemen he has really pulled this off with room to spare!”

Nicholas played the elf that year and every year after words and his last words to Veronica was Merry Christmas to one and all now Merry Christmas and you too Santa Clause and thank you for helping when I thought all was lost Merry Christmas!
The End
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Sep 25, 2012