Dale's And John's New Life

My name is Mattie I am ten and I have an older sister name Peggy she is eleven, and then when I turned seven Mom, adopted a boy named Dale for father more than her. She always said girls are far better than boy He’d be far better off adopting another girl.” Dale and dad got along really good and for the first year he live with us life was grand of him and us girls. Then it happened, our father died of cancer leaving us and mom alone. Dale was seven and mother had a hard time learning how to deal with Dale until the day Aunt Mable move in with us to help with the bills and the upkeep of the house and us kids-meaning Dale.

Poor Dale, it was a rainy morning and there was no school being it was Saturday. Now Peggy and I had taken our bath and had started playing cards with Dale when mother entered the living room snatching up Dale and hauling him off to the bath room. Funny he already had n his bath, don’t figure. Then Aunt Mable came and asked us girls to follow her. In our bedroom Aunt Mable grinning like the cat that eat the canary, “place all your pretty panties and slips and the stockings you have out grown or won’t ware in Dale’s dresser drawers and hang the slips in his closet and I will take these.” Grabbing a satin pair of pink satin panties with a full slip and stockings and marched off to rejoin mother. Now still wondering why mother and Aunt Mable want our old panties and slips in his bedroom for he is a boy.

Mom stood there Telling Dale to ***** out of his clothes and be fast about it. Dale did as he was asked yet not without complaining, “Why, I just took my bath last night.” Aunt Mable with a large smile, “So you did yet my young sweets there still is no harm for you to take another?” Dale displeased, “No, I don’t have to for I already had my bath.” Mable looking over towards Mom as she laughed, “Well then we shall start his training: From now on out until you become twenty one you will live and dress as one of my daughters until I say differently, is this fully understood?” Dale’s eyes welled up with tears, “Why, why I am not a girl! This is unfair for you would not make Peggy dress and act like a boy would you.” Mom’s only response was laughter, and I cannot say that Peggy and I did not laugh.”

Mom was easy on Dale despite her saying until you are twenty one, go figure. Mother and Mable helped Dale put the satin pink panties with a training bra, not that he would ever need any more of a bra than that. Aunt Mable lowered a half-slip down over Dale’s head ending at his waist. The skirt was a circle skirt that came just to the middle of Dale’s knees with a pull over shirt to match a light pink skirt with a light blue shirt and white bobby socks and brown penny loafers –hay he really looked great despite being a boy.

Dale stood there for not more than one second when he started to remove, all the clothes mom and Aunt Mable had just dressed him in. Mom screamed, “Oh no, dale honey stop honey you have to leave them on …”I could not help but laugh.” The damage was light and in only seconds things were back to normal as Dale sobbed wanting out of the girls’ clothing. Peggy walking over to him and knelling down next to him, “Kind of weird: ya kind of love the way they feel and yet you hate them with a vengeance.” Dale stopped and staring dead in to Peggy’s eyes, “Yea, how’d ya know?” shocked at someone else knowing how it feels. By this time I was standing there and with a grin, “Tell ya a secret, you want to wear your boy clothes again act like you like wearing the girls’ clothing you are wearing other words if you don’t you will be wearing girls’ dresses and silky undies until you leave home or here.” Neither of us girls stayed we both just walked away as if nothing had changed.

Aunt Mable pulling Dale on to her lap hugging and kissing him, “Now why all the tears, no one is hurting you and your new clothes look very lovely on you.” Dale with a half-smile, “Oh Aunt Mable I wasn’t crying because I did not like wearing these lovely clothes I was crying for I just was so happy there was no other way to show how much I love wearing them.” kissing Aunt Mable on her cheek. Aunt Mable laughed, “Then why did you try to remove them since you loved them so much?” Oh I felt unworthy to be wearing such fine clothes as these are Aunt Mable-that is all.” Apparently what I told Dale worked for the very next morning Dale was back in his boy’s clothes and heck it was close to three or four months before mom and Aunt Mable tried it again.

I have come to the conclusion grown women love boys dressed as girls as long as they fuss and cry about being dressed as girls: Other words boys should be wearing dresses and skirts with lace slips and petticoats and satin panties with lace and us girls should have been wearing the trousers and shirts. I guess it is what you can’t have is what they want you to wear, don’t figure yet that is the best I can come up with. Now once every year Mother and Aunt Mable go through Peggy’s and mine clothes sorting out all they want to replace. Usually all my panties, bras, slips and petticoats with half of my dresses and skirt sets are gone: sometimes all of them as it was this time all our clothes Peggy’s and mine clothes were gone and replaced with all new. Oh all of Dale’s clothes were gone also.

Dale, “Mom since you have taken all my clothes now what am I to wear?” Bad mistake saying that to mom and Aunt Mable there was one more change made to our house hold. A lad another boy name John who was seven, who had no clothes except what was on him, not even a toy. Mom and Aunt Mable lead John in to the bath room for a bath. Oh he screamed and hollered about having a bath: Heck that was nothing-they lead John in to his new bedroom with the new clothes he was going to be wearing. Now that was a shout, Dale’s eyes said it all for I hope I am not next it.

From the sounds of the commotion up stairs it was a free for all and John as little as he was wasn’t about to just let mom and Aunt Mable have their way without one good fight. Aunt Mable holding John from behind lifting him off the floor while mother placed the satin pink panties on him. Then they lowered a full slip down over his head. The fight was gone no tears no anger just nothing. They lowered a pretty light green dress trimmed in yellow with white piping at the neck; the dress had four buttons on the back which button form left to right. Throwing most young boys off seeing boys’ clothes button right to left making it almost imposable to get off now with white bobby socks and pair of black Maryjane shoes John was ready to Join the family down stairs fixing his hair the best they could do with it being so short.

Dale’s eyes went wide with disbelief seeing little John standing there in a dress like a girl would be Peggy now all smiles, “Dale, please go with mother and Aunt Mable, please it is your turn to get dressed.” Knowing full well what was going to happen and being promised she could help while I was to show John around and getting him use to wearing pretty dresses and the like mom now looking at Dale, “Honey lets change your clothes and while I am gathering your clean clothes you can take your bath, we want to smell pretty now don’t we?”

Dale, “Seeing John is dressing as a girl and you and Aunt Mable like it, can I go back to dressing as a boy again?” Mom laughed, “Why, no one in making fun of you or John “Dale,” I am a boy and until now I never had to dress in girls’ underwear or their dresses and skirts until now and I don’t understand why?” Mother pulling Dale to her, “One I think young boys deserve the same rights as girls to wear dress and the like as girls have the right to wear boys clothes when and where ever they like too. Two I have all these great clothes that are hardly worn and are too good to throw out: Now you two boys are young and I thought after your first introduction you both would start to have some fun hoping you and John would give them a chance.” gentile kissing his head with a loving smile.

Mother helped Dale change in to a blouse and skirt set Dale would stand and stare at my mother with the look of do I really have too? Mom just continued dressing my new little make-believe sister with her big brown soft eyes. John became the same way allowing Mother or Aunt Mable to dress him as a girl and in time both would play all day like any two little girls with my Dolls and having one great time playing dress up with mother and I while Aunt Mable just sat back and enjoyed the show. Now neither the boys or mom and Aunt Mable could say when it all stopped: Yet we have pictures and fond memories which will last us all forever.

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Dec 6, 2012