The Play

Miss Pat Wood the drama instructor had all the male parts filled and a good share of the female parts filled she made a plea to the girls of the fifth grade. Time was now running out either the parts get filled or they will have to forgo the play Willie Joblin with his friends Tom Fero and Red Buggs, hay now take it easy on Buggs, he is the most well behaved kid in the world Miss Wood seeing Willie at lunch, “Afternoon Willie” Afternoon Miss Wood, “replied Willie using his tongue to clean out the last of the tapioca pudding at the bottom of the on tray bow making Miss Wood wanting to gag.

“Hay Willie I need three girl parts filled by no later than this Friday coming, would you and just maybe Tom and Red be willing to fill the parts-please?” Willie with a large grin on his face, “And what do I get out of all this should I decide to leaned a hand. Now, now I am not saying I or even the boys will do this. After all Miss Wood we are guys and how many guys do you see parading around here in pretty little dresses-now tell me how many?” Pat Wood could not help herself for not disliking Willie a very flamboyant young man. Pat laughing, “Okay you proved your point for there is none. Willie you and your gang love starting new trends! So way not you and your Boy’s” as Willie’s face turns beat red.

With a laugh, “For one, we haven’t a dress between the three of us gee why, oh that is it we are guys-oh my wait until my mom hears about this, she will be so thrilled she’ll even let me keep wearing boy’s clothes-you think? “Pat tiered of Willie’s mocking, “Hay some very manly men have dress as women and I believe they could kick your back side any day of the week! Young man, Just for instances Jack Lemmon, oh and what about Danny Kay?” Willie laughed, “Yea the Red impersonator!’ sending Pat in to a laughing hysterical fit. “Miss Wood I will talk with the guys and I am pretty sure we will help you out.” Knowing from the start he and the gang was going to do it for they like Miss Wood more than she ever could know.

Willie seeing Tom and Red, “Hay we are going to give our acting abilities to Miss Wood for she needs three girls or young ladies and we are the ladies of the lades for we are playing all girl parts.” Red, “Well I hope she has my new stockings for my mother keeps buying me trousers-Oh dear me what am I to do for mommy even forgot I am her little Daisy” fluttering his eyes kissing Tom on his right cheek.” Oh! Red you might be a red head yet you are no I love Lucy gee’s yuck! I’m going to turn in to an ugly toad,” Now all three buys laughing.

Tom with a worried look on his face, “I will wear a dress or skirt, yet none those thingy under them for my dad said he would behead my little Dragon and hay let’s face it-he’s not all that big.” Sobbing,” for he is still a child and that is unfair! Would you like to lose your widow head as a child?” blowing his nose in to his hacky. Now looking up with a large smile, “Did I get the part-hum, huh?” Tom with a smirk on his face, “after what I just saw your dad would be doing your little dragon a hug favor.” Willie, “Now you all have lost the academy awards you guy suppose you could act for Miss Wood only better-hum?” Tom looking at Red and Red looking at Tom He don’t know good acting even if it hit him in the face each of them licking one of Willie’s cheeks with their tongue laughing and chocking on the bad taste of aftershave.

Miss Wood with a hug smile, “I want to give a special thanks to Willie and his friends Tom and Red for filling the girls’ parts that were left to be filled-thank you boys. Pat now standing in front of the three boys, “You three are doing the dance seen, for there is a lot of adlibs and clowning around and you three are the only ones that I know that can pull this off.” Red turning towards Tom, “She loves us and Willie said we stinketh we don’t stinketh we just stink!” Pat about in tears laughing so hard, “Here are your dresses and the undergarments that go with them. Now would you three go in and try these on”, as she handed each one their costume.

Tom with the look of terror on his face and with a loud scream, “Farwell my friend-for I know as thou loses thy widow head my man hood will go with thee. A do my little dragon ado for I been shorten and never I will be the boy I was”, one last loud scream, “I LOVE YOU! Ado.” falling to the floor sobbing, “Tom shouts, “Stop, Stop my, be loved for you will be reunited for we have organ donors and I will save yours my brother and your dragon I will save.” Falling a top sobbing, well Pat setting on the floor of the gym shaking laughing without sound as tears stream down her face oh not from crying just laughing so hard, that is all at the sound of applauses and cheering.

Willie taking one of the wooden swords and placing the blade on each of Miss Wood’s shoulders, “I night thee Miss Dragon Chopper of the chopping bench, now raise Miss Dragon Chopper arise.” Wrapping her in an old gym towel and kissing her right hand kneeling on his left knee.

Red holding the satin pink panties, “For me, the guys will be so jealous for they all can’t wear them at the same time, why for I am wearing them for they were given to me, “fluttering his eye lids, “Girls eat your hearts out for these are all mine” Tom with a grin, “Now we are the pinker tins all for one and one for pink-me.” Willie laughing, “I love you two guys yet I think I‘ll stay with the girls for they smell lovely and you guys stinketh badly.” In minutes they were fully dressed and dancing around and rehearsals haven’t even started.

The night of the play was a full house and Willie with Red and Tom stolen the show with a standing ovation. Miss Wood called the cast to gather, “From now on any girls’ parts that does not get taken Willie ,Red and Tom will have the first chance and honors to fill the parts, and I hope any of you other boys can take a lesson for these three wonderful guys. That playing the girls’ part is not a bad thing and could very well hold a great time for all.” THE END

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I agree with Miss Melodie.
A great story.