A Back Rub Sure Feels Nice, Doesn't It?

While I was growing up, when I was pretty young, actually (5 or 6, perhaps), my mom would sometimes give me a good back-rub, helping to undo the tension you don't know is there until it gets worked over.  That's how I've learned to provide back-rubs.  Not to brutalize anyone's back, but just firm enough to help uncoil all that soreness.  Doesn't mean I always have to do it that way, either.  On several occasions I've simply stroked my hand back and forth, up and down a friend or g/f's back in a caring, supportive way. 

I don't have any friends at the moment I could ask to rub my back.  Whether it's gently stroking it back and forth, or helping to undo the muscles, it is a gesture with a somewhat intimate undertone, isn't it?  I'm not suggesting that a back rub implies two people are going to go to bed together.  Heavenly days, no.  It's just that I don't know anyone that close that I think they'd feel comfortable providing me with a back rub is all.  Anyway . . .

Over the past -- gosh -- thirteen years or so, I've had jobs, off and on, that have really taxed my back and shoulders.  I have a permanent injury to my left shoulder so that I can't do any continuous heavy lifting any more.  Saw mills, warehousing, aluminum factories.  Even, believe it or not, a camera store.  Officially I was a salesman, but every week I had to clean the racks on the photo processor, which required lifting these big, heavy crossovers out of their tanks, carrying them here and there to cleaning stations, before finally lifting them back into their processing tanks.  Man, looking back it's hard to believe I did that for so long.  Lifting was not the only hard part of doing that.  Having to work around the processing chrmicals running off them was pretty back too.

But I digress.

It would be really nice if I met someone who provided a nice back rub once in a while.  And whom I could reciprocate the gesture with too, of course.  I won't die if it doesn't happen, but something I could keep a little more prominently in my mind.
UnderEli UnderEli
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1 Response Dec 10, 2010

Oh how I agree a back rub does wonders for stiff and achy backs and tension relief I like to do it and like it done.