70's Kind of Love

I need the entire works, all you have to offer.  I am tense, stressed and silently sexually built up.  I am quite attractive and in a monogomous relationship.  I just don't get the attention I deserve right now.  My man is quite unexperenced and very brut.  His hands are rough and rugged.  When he attempts to massage me its painful.  He is either too rough or two gentle, I can't seem to guide him into a happy median.  I need a backrub so desperately.  I can only imagine the pleasure and relief I desire.

I suppose this explains my desire for a woman such as I.  The tenderness is amazing.  If I could combine the softness and ruggedness into one night of pampering I would be a happy woman.

I would want the mood set with candles, inscents and scented oil.  Egyptian musk is my fragrance of choice.  Oh, oil is amazing and the things that can be done with it....whew!  Fantastic fantasy!  I would enjoy again and again.

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9 Responses Apr 1, 2009

If you didn't want a massage, you should say so in your messages. I never add someone w/o asking first. Too bad, you missed a great massage. Be well.

Ican give a massage with a happy beginning and happier ending

I know what you mean.....thats enough to knock me out cold. I once had a friend who gave me one of those asian massages omg....it was the best I ever had. She was using her forearm, elbow, hands I have not had any massage experience like that since....

Yea I been sayin I need a rub down and I keep forgetin to ask the boo... dang better remember tonight... from my back to my legs to my feet and my... well EVERYTHING... heheh

i like that name livingbyfaith. interesting. Stress can beat you up inside and out. *sigh*

princity that means you have the power to make her stress melt away effortlessly.... lol...you've got the gift.

thanks flourlady...sooner than later I hope.

My wife thinks she should have married to my hands and hands only. She loves the massages i give but she says i am not really a husband material. whatever that means.

well you deserve it maybe youll get one soon1