Sitting on the bed, trying to relax after a tough day. You come up behind and gently place your hands on my shoulders. I head tilts as you dig deep into my muscles with your fingers. I arch as you drag your fingers gently down my back, grasping my shirt and lifting it off. Your bare hands on my skin, rubbing, feeling, taking away my stress. You guide me down onto the bed taking your spot on my @ss as you sit and feel me. Kneading into me, from my neck to the base of my spine. Feeling every touch, every tickle, every bit of warmth from your body. You lean forward and kiss my cheek, very soft, so romantic. I want you badly and will have you... but not just yet... for now I lay, feel, relax, enjoy... my alone time with you.
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3 Responses Oct 28, 2007

It's such a good feeling for both it's heaven wen a man gives you nice rub down till both have happy ending it eliminates all stress

it sounds pretty romantic!

Only one more thing .... some nice warm fragrant oil to make your whole body relax and tingle ....ummmmmm