I have him, He isn't an angel but he is one to me and that is all that matters. lol

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Oh we definitely have that going on Kurz. We think the other is simply adorable and we tell each other every chance we get. lol we are mushy sometimes.<br />
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MMMM it is better than ever Agh.

this is the thing to find the person perfect for me and vice verca and our flaws can be endearing to each other, funny and cute:) i guess that's part of love :)..need some of that good stuff !!!<br />
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I had a bf like that it was awesome!..:)

hehe. He is not really a bad guy. He is a military guy, honorable and adorable.

dang :(!

Hehe no. He is in the USA and my sisters want the brothers.

Does he by chance have a brother up in Canada :))?