I Need a Better Job

I've been working as a receptionist in a nursing home for 6 yrs. and it was ok at first cause I was a high school kid but now I'm searching for a better paying job in the last 6 yrs I've only gotten a 0.57 cent raise. I'm way under paid I've seen receptionist positions that start you out at $10 an hour. I've been applying to lots of places that only require 2 yrs experience and I have 6 and just can't seem to get hired anywhere and it's so aggravating especially since me and my boyfriend are about to move into a new apt. and I need to take more responsibility it's so aggravating I just want to scream but instead I continue to pray that I will find a better job
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3 Responses Jul 5, 2007

The best way to find another clerical job is to sign up with a temporary service who can place you while evaluating your experience and you can set the rate of pay of the jobs you accept and determine what days you will work. I was offered serveral full time postions while doing this and only accepted the choice positions. Calling them each day to ask what is available is also a good idea if assignments are sporadic.

An do not cease from prayers. Your turn will come, doors will open up for you, but in the mean time do not stress yourself out. I know it is easier said than done. Can you also try doing a course while you search, because the market is rough and these employers are sometimes looking to see what have you improved on academically since you entered the work force.

Good luck on your job hunt!