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It's Not Even That I Need ...

It's not even that I need a better job for the money or benefits. I am just not happy where I work... I'm a grateful that (if I had a real option) I could leave this job. So it's not that I am really complaining. And maybe if I did have an option I wouldn't feel so trapped... I don't know... I am just tired of what I do, who I work with and my location. I think maybe I have outgrown my job. I have been doing the same thing since I was 16. Now, granted when I was 16 I worked as a waitress and a Days Inn and now I am a supervisor at a military hotel. But the job description is the same. At Days I got paid minumium wage to waitress and work the desk. Now I still work the desk but have a lot of other responsiblities... Even though by pay and rank I have progressed my job is the same. It doesn't seem to successful to me...
PaperRoses PaperRoses 18-21, F Sep 2, 2007

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