An Interesting Outdoor Venture

I'm a 51 year old male from Oregon. I was a roofer for 18 yrs, and then quit 5 yrs ago to start my own business installing cabinets. Did great for 3 yrs, and then the economy started sliding downhill and the owner of the shop that gave me 90% of my work went bankrupt owing me about $60,000.00. So after trying to hang in there for about a year I finally had to let my business license go. (now that the recession was in full swing. Don't that figure?) So needless to say, I couldn't pay anybody to take my resume. Then last Oct. I ran across a site that I was sure was a scam, But out of desperation (and since it was so cheap), I figured that I would give it a try and I bought the PDF. Well this book was really informative. I found it just in time to start harvesting boughs for the holidays. And I would never have believed it but in 8 weeks, working 4 days a week, and @5 hours a day I made a little over $14,000.00. DAAAAAAAMN!!! Now I'm getting ready for spring and floral green harvesting. You know, I never even heard of wildcrafting until last Oct. The PDF had all the info I needed to start. It told me what types of marketable things are out there, (HUNDREDS). It told me where to find them, (Pretty much every State in the US), how to harvest them, how to process them and even how to find buyers for them. So if anyone else out there is interested go check out the site and see if it is something that may work for you.

GSmitty GSmitty
51-55, M
Feb 6, 2010