Just Another Day ...

Today started out like most others lately ... I didn't feel too great physically this morning, but it's been getting progressively better the last few days, which I've been fairly happy about.  I got to work a little early with the plans of geting caught up on some work I got behind on.  That didn't seem to happen.  This has been my plan for close to a week now, and each day it never quite pans out.  Each day I think "Oh well, there's always tomorrow" and try not to stress about it too much.  But then as the day wore on it seemed that my tolerance for the drama and dysfunction that are a part of my job somehow dropped, physically I felt like crap and was progressively feeling worse as each minute ticked by, and I ended up in tears, finally realizing how bad I truly felt.  It wasn't the work issues that were the true problem, it was the physical stuff that was getting worse...   The day never really got much better after that.  After a seemingly never-ending 10 hour shift I made it back home, still feeling not-so-great and hoping, yet again, that tomorrow I'll feel better.  A hug would have been nice at any point during the day.

HidingInPlainSight HidingInPlainSight
36-40, F
Feb 24, 2010