I Really Do !!!!!

OK… So the other day I was sailing out of our marina on what was the most spectacular sunny day ever….

When in the words of our famous pug friend escaped my lips…..


That seawall is over 40 feet high… And…. On the other side were two GINORMOUS masts…. Just a rough guesstimate…. 200 feet tall…. Holy smoke I gotta see this boat…

Rounding the corner reveals what I had already known…. This sailboat is HUGE!!!!
About 200 foot long… That speck on the left side of this photo is about a 35 foot sailboat…

Sailing around the front, it just towers massively….

Here is the side view up closer…..

And…. Ready???

This is a cropped enlargement of the very same photo…. That is a person in the cockpit who appears to be about the same height of the main boom…. You can just barely see him in the picture above…

Here is the interior saloon of a sister ship….

Master Stateroom….

Cocktails anyone????


I need a bigger boat….

HappySailor HappySailor
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17 Responses Jul 21, 2010

WHOA!!!<br />
Sandy cat can invite all her cats from the neighborhood on this luxery boat!<br />
Meow!!!! :)

hehehehehe two paws up and an absolute AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOO!

Way cool with the the Special Olympics, New Day.

ditto Lilt!

hmmm...I always thought it was a little rough out there at sea.<br />
Is the table always set with that fancy stuff?<br />
I'll have whatever your having, Sailor. In a big, plastic cup.


Thanks HS. BTW I'll bring a case of Absolute Pear Vodka.... (my current passion). Avast ye scoundrels hoist the mainsail .... we sail with the tide!

S- there's plenty of room... you guys can have the master stateroom.....<br />
<br />
Dog- Definitely a permanent crew.... The DR sounds perfect! <br />
We are taking a hard turn to starboard for the canal and headed to Bora Bora after though!!!!<br />
<br />
Good luck with the regatta!!!!

I don't know HS, a vessel like that has a pro crew. I kinda like to sail her myself or at least have a turn at the wheel/tiller.<br />
On the other hand.... a trip to the DR with a herd of EPeeps and a well stocked bar sounds great! When do we cast off?<br />
(FJs do rock, I'm sailing one in the MD Special Olympics regatta weekend after next. My partner handles the jib and he's lusting after another gold medal! LOL)

S- I'm down with skippering for a month!!! Bora Bora OK???<br />
<br />
Lorraine - No kidding huh????

Man, I need a home like this !

k- I think Guinness has a micro brewery on board...<br />
<br />
Brut- Welcome aboard!<br />
<br />

I'm down for a cot and cocktail, Happy.

Perry- I need a friend with a boat like this too!!!<br />
<br />
JT - Totally gettin' your drift here... even without the winks! and... I knew who it was... hehe<br />
<br />
Dog! FJ's ROCK! .... I sailed them competitively in college......

Got any Guinness on that boat??

LOL.... I'm sailing FJs and YOU need a bigger boat?

Wow!!!! I just need a friend with a boat!!!