Need A Break From Life!

I feel that I have completely lost my identity and am now finding that with absolutely no alone time-my health is starting to deteriate. Sometimes I really feel that I could just walk away and never look back and be fine with that. I have an 18 yr old, a seventeen yr old, a 25 yr old step daughter and a husband that refuses to let me be alone in case I have a thought on my own-very controlling and my hate is almost unmeasurable now. Also I have 2 stupid little dogs and a cat. I can not even have time alone to drive to and from work-my boss picks me up. I haven't been alone not even for 10 minutes probably in 2 months. I get anxiety attacks, terrible depression and I am at a point now-I just don't want to be anywhere-my husband does not allow me to go places without him. I feel selfish sometimes by my thought patterns but I also realise I have raised my kids and tried to be the best mother I could but now it is my time-just a few days off from everything and everyone-is that too much to ask?
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Take the time , stop thinking about it and take charge before your physical or mental health suffers. You are more than just a Mother, wife, employee. Explain to your family why you need time out, be strong ,your life and there life will be better for it. Much live to you :)

Hello there, I know just how you feel, I'm in a similar situation and surfing the internet for answers, i've been thinking of booking a last minute holiday for one !! for 7 days just to think....who am I now and what do I want out of life ? and to get some much needed space, I can't actually afford to do this but my partners c/card is on the side and I'm very tempted ; ) I'm struggling with everything at the moment, I'm not engaged in anything properly, just going through the motions and feel like screaming. I don't think I want my relationship any more either, Just excused myself from work for a few days, work I can't stand but the call of money has kept me a slave to it ! Yep, its true to say that I'm thoroughly exasperated and pissed off! I know this doesn't help you, but just to let you know you're not alone. Maybe we could set up a an escape centre for "people pleasers....REBEL" that would upset "em : )

Yes he does understand how I feel but just doesn't realise how serious I am I suppose. I also have learned to pick my fights-no point upsetting anyone if you don't have to so of course I am also to blame for being so passive. I may try to take a weekend for myself, and will not take a no for an answer-boy, that just sounds wonderful haha

See irony of life, on the other side of EP, many people are in "Alone" group and here you want to let alone. Yes, too much of anything is poison. What can I say, you know the medicine. So, take the medicine. Just take a two day weekend vacation go to any place you like and switch of all mobiles and contacts and be on your own.

Does the husband understand how U feel? Can U talk to him and explain U need some time alone? Try rewarding yourself with a nice spa at home with candles and wine are whatever U enjoy drinking too help lift your spirits. Your kids are grow now is time for them to find their life outside of your.Good luck!