My Housemate Gf

sharing with housemates, difficult? not at all for me..

but, this housemate's gf, let's call her Yya, she stays with him all the time, like 32 days in a month?24/7? we decided to ask them to share the electric bill and water bill, she refuses. this boy is so protective of his gf, and he hope we don't tell anyone about this experience to others. fine.

but, she posted on facebook "y somebody can be so calculative and inconsiderate?" although neither anyone reply or comment, which i believe everyone is so sick of her complaining and like to "utilize" ppl and being as an opportunist, it stills feel sucks! i hope she can stop think that she is so clever and everyone is dumb perhaps?

it's not easy to move in with someone's someone who like to take advantage on others and being an opportunist. sigh. any help on housemate problem?

natasiabrassi natasiabrassi
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1 Response Feb 11, 2010

Can you move? Hahaha:) i also have a big housemate problem...

Yeah... But im living with my boyfriend and this chick... I dont wanna leavw my boyfriend...