Need A Break In Life

I definitely need a break in life! Ever since I could remember I have had to deal with a lot of bull. Some caused by me but most not. Its like something is just trying to stop me from succeeding. My health for one has been bad on and off. In My adult life I have had 6 surgeries and am only 30. I am attending college with only 2 semesters left and received a letter the other day that I have ran out of government funding. I desperately want to graduate and have a career, I am tired of dead end jobs. You know busting my *** for $8.50 per hour. I have never had a vacation never been on a plane and my parents were terrible. However, through all this I have been optimistic and relatively Happy. I JUST NEED A BREAK!!!

jeanne79 jeanne79
Jan 21, 2010