I'm Ready Now

I'm not giving up after 2 years. I just need a break from it.

I'm talking about my relationship. For 2 whole years i have been struggling and i'm really tired from it. I'm tired from all the disappointment, the traveling, the waiting and most of all the distance.

Perseverence is a virtue i possess, but i guess i have exhausted it. I used to think giving up on this long distance relationship means losing the battle. I refuse to see the signs and deny their existence. I stood up and fought for it while others just kept pour negativity on me.

Now im physically and mentally tired fighting for it. He has prove me otherwise. He had fought with them silently instead of along side me.

This break that i ask for, i will use this time to recenter and refocus. At the same time i want him to realized what i have done for the past two years and reflect on it.

I'm not breaking up but rather taking a breather.

I'm ready now. I don't see the past 2 year as a waste but i guess i just need that much time to realize.

I going for a break soon. a much needed one.
nicorley nicorley
26-30, F
1 Response Dec 14, 2007

Thanks sweetie.. Mmwwuuaahhh