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I have four kids, a husband and a job where I am always taking care of people. I am also expected to come home and do laundry for 6 people and keep a clean house.  I don't get to go out very much because babysitters are just way to expensive. I just want to be able to go see a movie or go out and have a few drinks without having to think about what my next chore will be.
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OMG We must be twins! I have four: 13,12.11.and 9. I alsi teach 4th grade. Do I need to say more?

On a more practical note, you should start a mother's group (I did). You can go out together even for 45 minutes, or at each other's home. And take turn babysitting to give each other a break.

You won't believe me if I say that you're lucky. I'm in a similar situation, but I do think we are lucky to be doing these chores because our family thrives because of us. Many people out there, use the same amount of time we have, doing dangerous or evil things like meth, crime, alcohol.. you name it. All praise to God for destining good things...