Advice Needed...

 I need a break from "me" from my mind and my that possible, to disappear from yourself for a while?

Candita Candita
22-25, F
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Well, Candy...I say no wrong answer can come from anybody who comments with answers for you, however you are you and YOU need to figure out what works for you....My suggestion...Kind of blends that with the whole yoga, meditation comment...Yet I don't practice yoga....I astral often as my soul and mind can.....Perhaps a little research could pave a path to your serenity.

Hi Candita,<br />
You were feeling so happy last week. I was so impressed. But no worry we all get into this from time to time. To get away from yourself - maybe read a book about someone positive and successful and then you can try to be more like that person. Of course, the best thing is to call on God, and ask Him for help to feel good about thinking about yourself. Afterall, you are from God and He knows more about you than your ownself. Good luck!

Yes...everyone needs to escape-you need to be someone else for a while, you know? <br />
there are lots of ways to do this. Good luck and happy trails if you do any traveling.

I think I'm going to agree with marji here. You need to try Jesus. He loves you.

My yoga teacher says we get that from yoga practice. By practice, she means meditation. It's possible and you are so precious, by the way.

Yes. But you need to create a safe space, where none of that can intrude. Perhaps a place that is far from your current life? Not a holiday, but a genuine retreat? I have been doing this without going anywhere, but I am a bit odd and also have been a bit unsuccessful. :P

I ment way too much stress hehe sorry crap key board....

just relax sweety youve got way too much sters in your life, just sit down in a quiet spot and meditate, think or concentrate on anythink, ...let yourself flot away and all your stress and worrys desapier and be wiped away with an invisible blue light that bases threw you and destroyed,every thing bad in your sole, Be safe And i hope you feel better soon, Love and light xx

How about mushrooms.....lmao