I Wonder If Anyone Wants the Job........

I need someone who can treat me with kid gloves when needed. Who can help me be all I deserve to be. A man who will love me even when I'm being irrational & "emotional". A man who IS A MAN in every sense of the word. Not a "friend" looking for benefits, but a lover who's in it for the long haul. Know anyone like that? Anyone at all?............ Oh well, it was worth a shot. =(

"If you can't take me at my worst, what makes you think you deserve me at my best!"

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3 Responses Mar 25, 2009

BTW i like your quote, good one.

I have only been married for 25 years. There are a few of us faithful ones around.

I work/ed with 4 gentlemen like that. I have the pleasure to have them in my life. I did/still do work with them. They have lucky wives. I want 1 for my very own.