Why Wont People Take My Advice When I Tell Them This Is It!!

I have been online! Talking to people, telling me their life isnt worth living, they couldnt afford any christmas presents for their friends and family :( i really feel for these people and want to help!!! People dream about having nice cars big houses and loads of money but when the opportunity is right infront of their face they do not want to take it because it might take a little bit of work to get! WELL I AM SORRY nothing in this world gets given to you, you have to work for it! NOW PLEASEE get in contact with me do something! i really want to work with you and guide you to success just like i did myself but you have to meet me half way. I dont believe in get rich schemes and all that nonsence it really is a load of B******* and people like myself bought these guides :@ now i really have fount the guide that moved my family to the house you can see on my facebook:
I am giving you my contact details for cryin out loud lol
My Mobile number is 07800655972
My Facebook is: Callam auudi Alexander
my email callamalexander@hotmail.com

My website: www.obrsite.com
OBRsite OBRsite
Dec 29, 2010