i am feeling so desperate right now , because i have been looking for a job for more than a year , so fare no one even called for an interview , however, I am holding a Master degree in professional accounting from one of the best university in Australia , also i am holding a Bachelor degree in Management Information System , these 2 degrees classified as a great combination where you can work in one of the Big 4 firms as an Advisor or consultant .
I am now living in Amman Jordan and Palestine territory and i apply for jobs daily in these 2 countries , also i have visit all big companies and firms in Amman and Palestine and submitted my CV and my cover letter , but so fare it seems that all the employers here looking for Females only , or they will hire you only if they know you well or know ur dadi in other word that there would be benefit from ur side .
so now i dont know what i shall do , i am a creative person , a hard worker , i have a great ability to learn anything new fast , i have 2 years experience , one in retail departments in bank and the other year in finance department in telecommunication , but still all that did not work. I dont know what i should do :-(
any one have any suggestion ?
5 months ago i opened an own business for me its a clothes store for women and girls only , and its working well , because its the only store on my city where i sell real fashion , style and Big brands clothes .
4 years ago i borrow some stocks from my dad and within 10 days only i gave it back to my DAD and i made 25,000$ profit .
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1 Response May 29, 2011

the hardest job is 'looking for a job'. <br />
you can have all the degrees in the world, but a course in 'how to get a job' isnt something that should be taken lightly. <br />
tip: when you have a job, (doesnt matter what) the chances of getting the job you want increase by 50%<br />
good luck!