Am Jobless

I have been searching for a job since jan 2010. Now i feel like i will never get a job. Maybe i should consider self employment
Kittysandra Kittysandra
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feel you.... searched for one for three years

,aisha kenya si rahisi

maisha kenya si rahisi

Self employement as a service buisness{ such as lawn care in your neighbor hood} car clean up,or other similar profession is best .due to low overhead and maintainance costs.<br />
People will always need their car washed, their lawn mowed, their house painted,windows washed.and the overhead is low. you can start a lawn buisness by using the owners equipement then gradually buying your own. as long as your work is high quality ,you will always have work. word of mouth is the best advertizing.

Anytime.You take care.

I feel you on this.I truly do, I'am in the same boat right now, I need a second job to cover the *** of my first job.Every day I am searching, with no damn body hiring.Still I go out each day.I will not give up, I wish you luck on your search.Much love to you.

Nikki thanks alot

Thanks for your comment but am not a high school graduate i have a bachelor degree in commerce

Jobs change over years, where we are now out of the industrial years, to move electronic, technical, and service areas. Many Americans no longer do hard labor, but command services to be provided.<br />
Maybe you need to be retrained, or upgraded by a college degree. Hell, an AA degree is worthless these days, let alone high school.<br />
You need to expand your job search away from you comfort home. Unless you do computer services, you may need to move to the next town. Jobs do not come to you.