2 1/2 Months And Counting

I've been unemployed for 2 1/2 months now, I've sent countless resume's and filled out just as many applications. But, nothing so far. It is really hard to be 18 and find a job. Society expects you to act like an adult, but they have no desire to treat you like one, untill you get in trouble, but they make that difficult to stay out of. The land of opportunity... where are all the opportunities???
Bunni Bunni
18-21, F
15 Responses Dec 6, 2006

I never thought looking for a job is THIS hard. Oh that land of opportunities, I dreamed and dreamed of that land when I was a young kid, but now now now it just seems to have been an illusion. . . This is a land of working all day 'til late at night, six days a week, and the only rest you have is Sunday if you're lucky. Only the rich ones and the bosses have the right to have a hobby and time to study ................. I can't even read my Bible any more................. !

Try going to a trade school and working parttime right now. searching for a job myself and not getting any answers. back in 2003 i could send out four resumes and before the day was over with have three call back and by the end of the week atleast three offers. times have change. keep up the faith and hang in there.

its ridiculous me never got one call never had a job not even an interview my resume look bad and its not like i havent tried i been trying for 3 years now im 19 and if they see no job experiece they atleast could interview me and see what type of person i am it might be a reason but they over look that its not fair this society not giving people chances its sad ik how u feel but i feel worse ben trying since 16 never got an inch of luck im pissed off if i dnt find one this year 2011 i want to relocate with an aunt and try too find work in that area i filled out over 30 applications this year not including in my life time :(

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Keep hope alive. My son went through the same thing at your age, but he kept trying. Then suddenly one day after inquiring there, Bam! Applebee's hired him (I think because of the high turnover rate there, because of scheduling & tips). He's been there about a yr. & a half, and now he helps me pay bills, because I can't find a job after a year of looking. You might want to try Applebee's

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Like the man says."You got to make it happen"Learn a skill or trade.once you know what you are doing you advertise your services.

Don't stress too much on it dude . I know things are difficult . I lost my job, had to move back in with my parents, never finished school, and now I think the army is my last resort . But right now, what can I do about it . I fill those appilications out . I've been working different ****** *** jobs until I felt my head would pop . But right now, I'm on a hiatus . And that's okay .

I feel your pain, man. I'm 18, and no-one wants to hire me either, and I live in a tourist town! I reckon it's because I look about 15 :P

I really feel you. I have sent out so many resumes til' I'm just sick of the whole ordeal. I have experience but they still won't call. I will not give up though. Surely, someone will call pretty soon. Keep the faith.

It IS hard at this stage in life to get a job! Especially since most jobs want to hire people w/ prior experience, not realizing everyone has to get a start SOMEWHERE!! Many of us can prob. admit to sharing your difficulty. But you're on the right track... keep the resumes flying, keep searching, and be willing to branch out to unexpected jobs or opportunities! Good luck to YOU!!