Need A Job

I've been looking for a LONG time. I'm currently on summer vacation from University but even before that before I started university back in community I've been looking for a job. Why does the economy have to be so messed up that i cant find one. I've put in a million and one applications and not 1 interview.. I'm so hopeless and annoyed right now. UGH!

I haven't had to have one before because my parents told me that if I graduated high school and went on to College and university that they would take care of me. that's all great but I need my independence now and I know that not having a job right out of High school has hurt me. Who wants to hire a 25 year old who has never had a job before? well I mean I've had small ones before.. But nothing on a regular basis and not for more then a few weeks at the most. I'm so depressed.
Shattereddreams25 Shattereddreams25
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4 Responses May 15, 2012

Where are you from?

Look we are in the same boat! i'm a 26 year old underrgrad at the university, and i havent had a job since 2008 (all the jobs ive had were gigs blah blah,,,,) oh my goodness can we be friends and complain together???

lol sure. :)

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Dear child, there is a easy way for the job you want. Look up Novena to the Infant of Prague. Novena means 9 days. Say this little prayer that takes less than a minute. Say it for nine days or if u want say it on the hour for nine hours and you will have your job. The infant of Prague is the baby Jesus. He answeres everyone that is sincere. Try it and you will send me back a story. Also, you will be able to help others in a screwed up economy. Bye my friend spend your money wisely.